Sweden plans to export it’s waste management

Sweden has began to market its waste management experience to the world, mainly to, procurers, environmental authorities in Central and Eastern Europe, developing countries and multilateral financial institutions.

The aim is partly to present the know-how in Swedish companies, authorities, etc. and partly to promote the export of Swedish environmental projects.

“We want to promote the Swedish waste management model. We have a good reputation internationally, when it comes to environmental know-how. Waste and recycling is a large sector, where we can compete on an international basis”, says Börje Paulsson at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Swedish EPA have published an introduction to Swedish waste management, mainly relating to domestic waste. The aim is also to create jobs within the Swedish waste and recycling industry and to generate export revenue. The report contains examples of successful waste management projects both domestic and international. Various Swedish institutions working in this sector are also introduced.

“It is important to be able to offer a complete waste management concept to an interested country, something we are good at. Achieving sustainable effects, requires sustainable institutions. Building a processing plant is not sufficient, you also have to consider other relevant aspects, such as the development of authorities and administration for handling and recycling waste, and a system for financing the operation”, says Paulsson.

For more information, contact: Börje Paulsson

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