Test your sustainability news knowledge with edie’s Big Fat Quiz of the year for 2021

How closely have you been following the climate and environmental news in 2021? Find out with our fun new quiz to close off the year

In 2021, the headlines and our lives have continued to be dominated by Covid-19. But climate and the environment also took centre stage, with the green recovery movement and net-zero discussion gathering pace and coming to a head during COP26 in Glasgow. There has also been an increased amount of focus on the need for a just transition, with workers and youth activists continuing to work tirelessly despite lockdown-related challenges. 

And with 2022 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to reflect and recap on some of the biggest stories of the year. 

What is the UK’s Sixth Carbon Budget, for example? What new national commitments were made at COP26? And how can the circular economy help us to create a low-carbon world?

edie’s editorial team has put together a quiz that will tell you whether you’re a sustainability superstar, or if you need to be following the green business news a little more closely in the New Year.  

If you didn’t get top marks, why not take a few minutes to read and bookmark edie’s month-by-month round-up of all of this year’s biggest sustainability stories? This article covers the 15th UN Biodiversity COP, sweeping policy changes across the world and much, much more.

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