Thailand bans jackets to save energy

The government of Thailand has asked all civil servants to leave their suit jackets at home as a cost-free energy-saving measure.

Across the world’s hottest nations from Latin America to the Far East, most business men are required to wear suits throughout working hours, leading to an increased need for air conditioning. However, now, at least in Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has said that wearing Western suits in a tropical climate is unnecessary and has led to high air-conditioning costs and energy wastage, The Bangkok Post reported.

In a bid to avert an energy crisis, Thaksin has banned compulsory suit jacket wearing for all companies saying that he hoped men in Thailand would now make do with shirts and ties and become more energy-conscious. Setting a national example the prime minister and his cabinet turned up for their weekly meeting without their suit jackets and only used four of the cabinet room’s six air-conditioners.

Motorists are also being urged to obey speed limits in order to cut down on fuel emissions.

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