The Aquator Group set for further expansion

The Aquator Group Ltd was formed as the result of a successful MBO from Wessex Water that took place during the later part of 2001. The group continues to be recognised as the world leader in the supply and operation of the submerged flat sheet membrane wastewater treatment process, pioneered by the Japanese, Kubota Corporation. Aquator has recently received significant funding to continue its growth and expansion and the company is now represented in Australia, the Middle East, Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, South Africa and beyond.

The unique Kubota flat sheet membrane process was first developed in the late

1980’s in Japan at the behest of the Japanese Government, who sought a long-term

environmentally sensitive solution to wastewater treatments. The first commercial

plants became operational in the1990’s with the process now represented in over

700 plants worldwide. The technology is regarded as an industry quality benchmark

which meets and improves upon the exacting quality standards required in the treatment

of waste water.

Wessex Water began trials of the Kubota submerged membrane system at Kingston

Seymour in the UK in 1994 and continued the research and development for over

five years, during which time the MBR Technologyâ staff gained their expertise

in the design, maintenance and operation of the systems. MBR Technology® (formerly

the Wessex Water membrane division) in co-operation with Kubota continued to develop

the technology and to build and operate low volume units through to the largest

capacity plants in the world.

The Aquator Group has since fulfilled some of the world’s most demanding process

and consent criteria with particular note being in the Australian wastewater treatment

market. The group bid for and was successful in being awarded the contract for

the first commercial MBR plant in Australia at Picnic Bay on the Great Barrier

Reef, a World Heritage Site. MBR Technologyâ was the natural choice for

this project as the discharged permeate (water) will flow directly into the seas

of the Great Barrier Reef where the treatment of wastewater is required to be

the most advanced and effective available today and for the foreseeable future.

Keith Willett, CEO of the Aquator Group, explained the importance of effective

wastewater management in today’s modern world. “As the human population increases

so does the demand for water. This water is required not just to satisfy the thirst

of our increasing populations but also our food sources, be they animal or vegetable,

our hygiene needs, aswell as our manufacturing and industrial requirements. Indeed

it is hard to think of a part of daily life where water does not, or has not played

a part. Water, like all of nature’s reserves, is not infinite and requires correct

management if we are to be able to rely on it for generations to come.

“It is with this legacy in mind that MBR Technology® leads the way in

wastewater treatment and re-use, providing the highest quality non-potable water

for use throughout the world in many applications, only requiring a simple further

treatment to make it suitable for human consumption,” said Willett.

MBR Technology® is able to handle a diverse range of liquid wastes and treat

them in a single stage to beyond the highest regulatory stipulations. The treatment

process has a wide range of applications and is relevant to industrial or municipal

applications that use water, or creates or treats wastewater.

The Aquator Group consists of three companies which are engaged in the sales and

operation of membrane wastewater treatment plants, either directly or through

their subsidiary companies.

· Aquator Services Limited trades in the UK and Ireland utilising the MBR

Technology® trademark.

· Aquator Marine Limited operates in the maritime sector including Naval,

Merchant, Civilian and Oil Exploration.

· Aguas Vie UK Limited manages the international markets and includes group

subsidiaries utilising the AVL® trademark.

For further info please contact

The Aquator Group Ltd

Aquator House,

Bradford Road,

Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK,

BA14 9AX

Tel: +44(0) 1225 757 800

Fax: +44(0) 1225 757 900

Contact: Mr Ross Severn

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