The Net Zero Business podcast: Talking EVs with Evri and E.ON UK

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Following on from the UK Government’s world-leading net-zero carbon commitment, edie’s spinoff podcast series, Net-Zero Business, hears from the trendsetters and trailblazers of responsible businesses.

Since the UK Government set its 2050 net-zero target into law, more and more businesses are attempting to get ahead of the political curve by strengthening carbon and energy strategies and pledging to become net-zero businesses well before the 2050 deadline.

The Net-Zero Business podcast is a monthly digest of episodes that take a deeper dive into a business’s net-zero strategy. It usually features one in-depth interview with a sustainability or energy manager at a business working towards net-zero or carbon-neutrality. But, for this month’s special edition, sponsored by E.ON UK, we have two guest speakers with expertise in business electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

First up is an interview with Evri’s head of ESG Nancy Hobhouse. Evri was known as Hermes until earlier this month, when the company announced an ESG-focused rebrand. It is one of the UK’s largest parcel fleet operators, having delivered more than 630 million packages in the UK in 2020. 

Hobhouse speaks with edie’s senior reporter Sarah George about how the adoption of EVs, biomethane vehicles and other solutions is helping to drive progress against the brand’s 2035 net-zero goal. 

Then, we host an exclusive conversation tracking EV adoption trends across the UK’s private sector more broadly, with E.ON UK’s David Butters. Butters is the general manager of E.ON Drive and the director of E.ON Infrastructure Services Ltd; he has years of expertise working with clients on their fleet decarbonisation plans. 

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45-Minute Masterclass: Electrifying your business fleet

This episode of the Net Zero Business podcast is part of edie and E.ON UK’s 2022 masters series on EV adoption. As part of this series, registration is now open for edie’s next free Masterclass, which is taking place on 29 March and will outline how businesses can integrate electric vehicles (EVs) into their fleets as they work to decarbonise.

This 45-minute online Masterclass will take place at 1pm on Tuesday 29 March and will help businesses to formulate and deliver ambitious plans to reduce emissions from their fleets. Click here for a full agenda and to register. 

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