The Sustainable Business Covered podcast: Episode 07 – How to win the war on waste coffee cups

As Hugh's War on Waste throws coffee cups into the spotlight, edie hears from the recycling experts, circular economy gurus and retailers at the heart of the debate to explore exactly what needs to happen to solve the great coffee cup conundrum.

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Sustainable Business Covered: Episode 07 – How to win the war on waste coffee cups

As the third episode of the BBC TV series Hugh’s War on Waste reveals, Britain’s caffeine addiction brings with it a dark secret: a shocking 99% of the 2.5 billion paper coffee cups we throw away each year go straight to landfill or incineration. So, what’s causing this problem and – more importantly – how can we remedy it?

In this special edition of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast, edie editor Luke Nicholls delves deep into the complexities, challenges and potential solutions that could enable the coffee cup industry to begin moving towards a circular economy.

First up, we hear from Peter Goodwin, the co-founder of coffee cup recycler Simply Cups, on the systemic transformations that will be required from the big brands and waste management firms right through to the policymakers and consumers.

Then, circular economy consultant Sandy Rodger pulls no punches when telling us his views on the situation, explaining that a change in mindet will be needed from consumers and retailers alike if we are to drive that systemic change.

And finally, we give the UK’s largest coffee shop operator, Costa, a chance to put forward its view on what needs to happen to win this War on Waste, via an exclusive interview with the brand’s energy and environment manager Ollie Rosevear.


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