The TOVEKO® range of gravity sand filters

The TOVEKO® range of gravity sand filters wash the filter bed continuously while in service. Being only 2.3m high, they normally accept gravity flow. The sand washer is particularly effective at removing sticky & stubborn solids, keeping the bed clean at all times. The automatic head-loss detection system stops & starts filter operation, and adjusts the rate of sand washing according to the needs of the filter. It therefore needs very little attention, making it ideal for remote sites, and those where the inlet solids load fluctuates.

The standard range of TOVEKO filters, for small & medium flows, is constructed in stainless steel, 304L being the standard grade. For more corrosive duties, for example where the total salt concentration (and particularly chloride) is substantially higher, 316, SAF2205 and 254 SMO grades are also used.

The filter is rectangular in section and, being only 2.3m tall at the highest point, has a small footprint.

Where protection from the elements is required, it fits comfortably into a normal height room. The smallest “S-type” filters pass comfortably through a standard 1.8m double door, while the larger “T-type” requires a 3m door.

The TOVEKO filter’s sand washer is highly effective, making it particularly suitable for removing sticky / stubborn solids such as excess polymer or oil. At the same time, the filter uses wash water frugally. Depending upon the type & concentration of solids, the wash water required is typically between 2 & 5% of the service flow.

For larger flows, TOVEKO filters are available as underground, concrete units. Typically, concrete units are more cost effective for larger flows and, where underground units avoid the need for even low head pumping stations for large flows, the savings in capital and operating costs can be substantial.

TOVEKO filters are backed up by Organo’s service department, which operates nationwide. In common with all Organo products, we offer clients cradle-to-grave technical support, service and maintenance.

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