Timeline: Barack Obama’s global climate legacy

From his early campaigning on environmental issues before taking office in 2009 to the passion and enthusiasm he displayed at the historic climate talks in Paris last month, edie charts Barack Obama's most significant climate actions as he enters his final year as US President.

Earlier this week, Obama delivered his last State of Union address in which he took the time to warn climate deniers of the “lonely” road that faces them if they choose to undo what he has spent eight years to put in place.

Obama has evolved his concept of climate change from an isolated ‘albatross’ to a mantra entrenched in US businesses, its military and its people.

From a hard-hitting response to the disastrous BP oil spill through to the critical pressure that he was faced with in the ice cold winds of Alaska, Obama has always preached the importance of combating climate change – even if senate ideologies have muddied some of his policies – and given his backing to the international development of smart cities and huge coporate pledges.

In light of Obama’s last State address – and the fact that certain Presidential candidates are now itching to pull the trigger on certain green technologies – edie has put together a timeline of the President’s defining moments throughout his eight-year reign as America continues its transition to a low-carbon future.

Matt Mace

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