TODAY AT 1PM: register for edie’s business fleet electrification masterclass

The webinar, in association with EDF, follows the government’s announcement that it is set to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035 – as well as hybrids – meaning that it has become business-critical for firms to move their fleets across to EVs.


The masterclass follows the publication of edie’s Business Guide to Fleet Electrification, and will use the guide as a launching pad for further detailed discussion on the “need to know” elements of procuring and successfully setting up a  fleet of EVs for your company.

Issues to be discussed

The webinar will look at: What are electric vehicles and how do they apply to business fleets? What is the current market status of EVs in the UK? Are EVs suitable and appropriate for all organisations? And what are the potential business benefits of investing in EVs?

This masterclass breaks down everything there is to know about deploying electric vehicles (EVs) across your business fleet. Produced with EDF, it will include experts in the field of EVs and the associated infrastructure and energy requirements, and answer all of the above questions and more to help sustainability professionals understand the key considerations when switching to an EV fleet.

This live, online masterclass will help sustainability and energy professionals get to grips with the switch to EVs by overcoming key challenges such as boardroom buy-in to unlock finance and developing adequate charging infrastructure to support deployment.

The masterclass will explain how energy/sustainability managers can drive the shift to electric vehicles – and a Q&A session – allowing the audience to ask key questions directly to our expert masterclass presenters.

Masterclass discussion points will include:

  • Switching to EVs and business-critical ‘need to know’ issues
  • Financing EV purchases and securing boardroom buy-in
  • Choosing the right EV models
  • Developing charging infrastructure and innovative vehicle-to-grid- approaches

Comments (2)

  1. Richard Phillips says:

    When everybody has done it, from where does the electricity come?????

    Richard Phillips

  2. Frank Inglis says:

    EV’s from a renewable energy based distributed local energy grid requires huge capacity increase and beefing up the of the old distribution grid. Who is going to do this and pay for it? As the "Net Surplus energy" for the UK economy drops below 11.2 to 1, over the next 10 years, our lives will be forcibly "Simplified" why are we still sleep walking into this?

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