Trailers For Portugal

NEWS RELEASE: The Portuguese market is proving a buoyant one for pipe coil trailers used to transport and dispense the coils of polyethylene pipe used by utility companies. Bath based manufacturer, Steve Vick International Ltd., has recently despatched its thirty-third trailer to Portugal.

Gastrade, the company’s distributor in the country, counts all the major gas contractors in Portugal among its customers and is increasing its penetration into the water sector.

Pedro Pontes, Director of Gastrade, says, “The key factors for Gastrade’s commercial success in selling Steve Vick trailers in the gas industry is the strong construction of the trailers combined with their versatility. They are ideal for use in town centre conditions where access is not always easy. These attributes are now being confirmed as we are also selling trailers into the water sector where there is an increasing use of PE pipe coils”.

In Portugal, as in the UK, the majority of smaller diameter PE pipe is now supplied in coils for convenience. The increasingly preferred solution for handling these coils, which can present a hazard to operators and members of the public if not properly handled, is to use a trailer.

Gastrade take mainly 125/160 trailers which handle coils of PE from 40mm diameter through to 160mm diameter and can accommodate 200 metre coils of 90mm PE and 100 metre coils of 160mm diameter pipe. Other trailers in the Steve Vick range handle coils up to 100 metres of 180mm diameter.

Steve Vick International trailers are designed with a central rotating drum and rollers to facilitate fast, smooth dispensing. The outer end of the coil is safely secured during transport and storage and the inner end of the coil is restrained whilst the pipe is being dispensed to avoid the danger of its ‘springing back’ and causing injury.

Complying fully with the industry’s stringent standards, Steve Vick International trailers can be registered in all EU countries and the company is actively seeking distributors in various territories.

For further information please contact Steve Vick.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (44) 1225 480488

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