Advanced Process Engineering (MSc, PgDip, PgCert)

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Cost £10,500
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From   03/10/2022   Until   28/07/2023

Process engineers are among the most demanded engineers across multiple sectors, due to the flexibility of their skillset. They can design, optimise and operate industrial processes, as well as lead engineering projects. MSc in Advanced Process Engineering integrates applied learning experience with internationally-recognised research, professional development, career mentoring and teamwork to transform you into the engineering leader who will solve global challenges.

You will develop relevant employability skills to become a successful process engineer in any sector that utilises process engineering, including energy and power, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, water, food and drink, and pharmaceutical industries. You will also become a member of Cranfield Process Engineering team and will work with us to solve global challenges through real-life assignments and projects.

Ranked in the UK top 5 for mechanical engineering, Cranfield offers a unique, postgraduate-only environment, near-industrial scale engineering facilities, industrially focused modules and real-world case studies. You will take a practical approach to develop solutions to challenges, such as achieving net-zero in power and industrial sectors and solving climate emergency.

The Advanced Process Engineering MSc is ideal for candidates with engineering or applied science backgrounds who want to dedicate their career to solving global challenges via process engineering. Process engineers play a pivotal role in contributing to meeting emission reduction targets and, subsequently, global warming mitigation.

We recognise that process engineering is an inherently multi-disciplinary and, therefore complex field of study. This course is specifically designed for those seeking a career in design and development, research and development, operation and management of process engineering systems in industry, government or research organisations.

This course will equip you with an advanced process engineering knowledge, as well as applied analytical, problem-solving and communication skills that are crucial to your successful career as a process engineer or project engineer.

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