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In May 2014, the former Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), introduced a new regulation, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). This regulation requires all large undertakings to carry out an ESOS compliant assessment every four years.

Apart from the outputs of an ESOS assessment, it also requires the assessment to be led and approved by an accredited ESOS lead assessor. This course provides participants experienced in energy assessments with the required knowledge to lead, review and approve an ESOS energy assessment. It uses the fundamentals of PAS 51215 as its basis.

The course draws on:

·  The ESOS legislation

·  PAS 51215 best practice for a lead assessor

·  Practical and professional practice of energy management

·  Practical examples of ESOS audits

Learning Outcomes

· Grasping the ESOS regulations, who has to comply and the regulations requirements

· Understanding the process of leading, reviewing and approving an ESOS energy assessment

· Understanding the competency requirements of a lead assessor according to PAS 51215

· Using data analysis as a basis to scope the energy assessment and to inform opportunities for improvement

· Identifying, costing and prioritising opportunities

· Understanding of how to create a compliant report and its submission 

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