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Energy auditing is a relatively specialist skill but one that can identify and produce major savings in energy use and cost. While energy audits will always be specific to each building, this course provides the basic techniques and the key elements to look out for during an audit. The course describes the basic techniques of energy auditing, from initial data analysis through to the on-site process or equipment identification and operational review. It explains the main types of opportunities that are likely to be identified, the types of equipment that can be replaced or upgraded, and will discuss the control of energy consuming process and equipment where much of the savings can be made. The course also covers the basic outcomes of an audit in relation to reporting and calculation of savings and return on investments.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course participants will have gained knowledge and understanding of:

- The basic process of energy auditing

- Initial analysis of site data before an audit commences

- Basic audit techniques will be addressed for the systems below but they can be applied to most energy consuming items:

           -> Heating systems

           -> Cooling systems

           -> Pumping systems

           -> Air handling systems

           -> Lighting

           -> Compressed air

- Identifying appropriate control systems

- Basic reporting techniques

- Basic calculation of savings and return on investment

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