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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are an essential part of most modern buildings and can consume a large part of any energy used. This courses aims to inform participants about the most widely used form of HVAC, their basic control and potential methods for optimising their operation for the least energy use while maintaining the comfort within buildings.

The course will describe and cover:

– Basic operation and control of systems such as boilers, air handlers, fan coil units, chillers, pumping systems and air conditioning and relate them to energy consumption.

– Potential control methodologies that can be used for optimisation such as speed, flow and differential temperature which can be used to optimise their use for lowest energy consumption while maintaining adequate. temperatures and comfort levels. This will also include how many of these systems can be controlled via a BMS.

– Implementation and correct use of variable speed drives across the range of HVAC systems

– The renewable versions of some of the HVAC equipment such as biomass boilers and heat pumps

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