Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership

Course Location Part time, two year course with 4 residential workshops (each lasting 7 days) in Cambridge, UK
Cost £25926
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Course provider University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
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The Master of Studies (MSt) in Sustainability Leadership is designed for senior and mid-career professionals and managers who want to enhance their ability to respond to sustainability challenges and are looking to further their own personal development in the field. It is part of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership's (CISL) mission to empower individuals and organisations to take leadership to tackle critical global challenges.

Please note that complete applications for this programme must be submitted by 20 February 2020. Applications can be made online.

Through a combination of interdisciplinary insights, academic analysis, practical business application, peer learning and personal reflection, the Master's aims to develop a community of leaders who have:

-A wide awareness and deep understanding of the social, environmental, ethical and economic challenges and opportunities facing the world

-The vision and ambition to drive business leadership to achieve real systems change

-The knowledge, experience and ability to critically evaluate a range of strategic levers for change

-The leadership capacity and confidence at a personal and organisational level to best use these levers to effect transformation

The Master's helps to develop leaders who can respond effectively to the economic, social and environmental challenges facing the world and lead others to achieve positive change.

The following themes modules are delivered via a combination of face-to-face teaching and online learning over the two years.

Introductory and Crosscutting Themes

-Sustainability Concepts, Trends and Pressures

-The Business Case for Action

-Leadership for Sustainability

-Research Skills

Specific Leadership Responses/ Levers for Change

-Sustainable Production & Consumption

-Employment & Operational Practices

-Cooperation, Collaboration & Partnership

-Sustainable Design & Technology

-Government Policy & Regulations

-Sustainable Finance & Investment

-Business Models, Strategy & Corporate Governance

-International Governance

-Communication, Advocacy & Education

-Corporate Philanthropy

E-modules: Research Skills, Leadership for Sustainability, Corporate Philanthropy

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