Transforming Business to Deliver Sustainable Value: Sustainability Leadership Lab

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Leading organisations are shifting from regarding sustainability as a problem to be minimised to seeing it as an opportunity for value creation. This intensive two-day Lab will focus on generating and delivering opportunities for sustainable value. Collaborating with the University of Cambridge€™s Institute for Manufacturing, participants will work with a suite of tools that provide a comprehensive method for identifying and maximising value opportunities in your business, whilst responding to critical global challenges.

This Lab will equip organisations with the ability to transform their businesses to enhance competitive advantage through the economic, social and environmental attributes of €˜sustainable value€™. Mastering how value is created in a business is essential to long-term success of any company. Recognising value missed and destroyed, and turning failed value exchanges among stakeholders of your business into opportunities, is key to business model innovation.

Participants will work with these University of Cambridge tools to explore practical methods for identifying and maximising value opportunities in their business.

Why should organisations attend?
This intensive two-day event will result in organisations:

Gaining new perspectives on value creation and capture in their organisation

Being able to analyse value across a product lifecycle

Experiencing a structured approach for discovering failed value exchanges among stakeholders

Developing a new lens for business innovation

Having generated an organised method for implementing sustainable change which participants will work on at the Lab and return to their organisations prepared to take action

To make the Lab truly beneficial, it has been designed to ensure that participants will leave committed to taking action based on their learning. Prior to the Lab, participants will be invited to submit a short case study based on their organisation. A small number of these cases will be selected and used as the focus for the exercises during the event. The result being that some participants will return to their organisations having extensively worked through some of the key concepts with peers and should be in a position to use this work as a springboard for development.
In addition, the Lab will include structured action planning sessions which will result in all participants being given the time and space to reflect on their learning, develop an action plan, articulate this plan to peers and to receive constructive feedback on it. This will result in participants being in a position to return to their organisations with defined actions on how they as individuals can build on their understanding of innovation for resilience and the benefits of it to the business.

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