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Cup Recycling from Grundon

Grundon have launched a cup recycling service for new and existing customers. Our easy to use paper cup recycling service enables your used paper cups to be sent for specialist reprocessing, where 100% of the cup is recycled and given new life. For more information on how you can boost your recycling performance with cup recycling, email

ICL - The New Environmental Digital Twin

The Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) provides new cutting-edge digital twin technology that connects distributed energy networks, renewables, master plans, building design, operation and retrofit. The ICL creates dynamic 3D models that reflect real life performance, delivering resilience, cost savings and resource-efficiency for buildings, campuses, communities and cities. Find out more:

IES Digital Twin Technology featured in B1M Documentary

We’re very excited to be featured in a documentary from The B1M about the use of construction technology to help solve the climate emergency. The B1M is the world’s most subscribed-to YouTube video channel for construction, with over 9 million people watching their videos each month. The documentary looks at the application of digital twins in the built environment, with examples of how the Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) has been used to help deliver an EcoCampus and to engage a community with real-time data. Digital twins are an essential tool in addressing the current climate crisis, presenting exciting opportunities to achieve zero carbon targets and promote sustainable, healthier buildings. Find out more about our digital twin technology here:

Hazardous Waste Collection, Recycling and Disposal Service

It may surprise you to know just how many products are classified as hazardous waste. Strict Environment Agency legislation now means items such as contaminated rags and packaging, cleaning fluids, paints and aerosols, all require specialist disposal alongside chemicals and other toxic materials. At our dedicated hazardous waste treatment and transfer facility, Grundon provides a total waste management solution for all hazardous waste streams. With trained drivers and specially-equipped vehicles, we take care of transport regulations, delivering your waste safely and securely to our state-of-the-art operations . There, our highly-qualified chemists inspect, categorise and segregate the waste before treatment, recovery and recycling processes begin. Our cost effective approach, married with our industry expertise and knowledge, ensures compliance at all times. That’s a choice you can’t afford to get wrong.

PHS Corporate Social Responsibility

Landbell Group: Building closed loop recycling programmes: the challenges and lessons learned

Join John Redmayne, Managing Director of Landbell Group company ERP UK, at edie Sustainability Leaders Forum Feb 5th as he presents, "Building closed loop recycling programmes: the challenges and lessons learned"

PALLITE® PIX® - Flexible Warehouse Storage

PALLITE® PIX® is a range of lightweight, flexible and strong storage systems that are designed to consolidate pick-faces. By creating more free space in your warehouse, you can store more product and ultimately increase the yield of your warehouse space whilst maintaining the ability to flex around the demands of your supply chain and improve your pick efficiency.

Food Waste Collection and Recycling Service

Thousands of tonnes of food are thrown away every day - most of it sent to expensive landfill, producing the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. But there is another way - Grundon’s dedicated food waste collection and recycling service for the hospitality, catering and retail sectors provides a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. We provide a tailored solution to suit our customers’ needs and our bin exchange system ensures that when we take away a full bin, we replace it with a fully sanitised bin to go straight into your kitchen. Additional benefits of the scheme include our ability to provide you with accurate data and reporting, detailing the true cost of food waste to your organisation. If you separate your food waste, we can deliver it to specialist anaerobic digestion facilities, creating renewable electricity, biogas and liquid fertiliser for the farming industry. It’s a win for the environment and it reduces both your carbon footprint and landfill tax bill. Considering that for every tonne of food waste sent to anaerobic digestion, the equivalent of 3 cars are taken off the road - isn’t that a step worth taking?

Introducing Aquapak Polymers

Learn how Aquapak Polymers offer a real solution to the world’s plastic crisis with its warm and hot water soluble polymer that disappears safely.

Residual Waste Collection and Disposal Service

In an ideal world we’d like to think all waste can be reused, recycled or recovered – but that’s not always possible. Thanks to the latest technology, Grundon can transform your unwanted waste known as residual, non-recyclable or general waste - into much-needed renewable energy supplies. Our state-of-the-art Lakeside Energy from Waste - or EfW - facility, a joint venture with Viridor, provides a win-win solution. Not only does it use residual waste to generate 37MW of electricity for the National Grid - enough to power approximately 50,000 homes or a town the size of Slough - it also guarantees diversion from landfill, providing a much more sustainable approach to disposal. We know that recovering energy from waste is a smart move - let us help you generate the power of the future.

Electric Adventures: The Business Edition Episode 2 Pelican Bus and Coach

For the second electric adventure, we sent Chris to Pelican Bus and Coach – a family-run business celebrating its 100th birthday as a company this year. Pelican is a bus and coach importer with a difference. Rather than focusing on conventionally-powered vehicles, it's the UK importer for Yutong: the largest electric bus and coach manufacturer in the world.

Industrial Cleaning Services

When cleaning is required in difficult or hazardous environments, you need to work with experts you can trust. With over 40 years’ experience and an unblemished safety record, Grundon’s Industrial Cleaning Services team has the skills and knowledge to provide a first class service for a wide range of challenges. From high level access cleaning to pollution and spill control; from tank and vessel cleaning to decontamination - our expertise and innovative approach ensures absolute attention to detail. Our qualified operatives are licensed and registered with OFTEC, CHAS, and the Environment Agency. And - because we’re fully compliant with all HSE and environmental legislation - you don’t have to worry about being caught in a tight spot. We’ll do that for you.

Electric Adventures: The Business Edition Episode 3 Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

In the third and final episode of Electric Adventures: The Business Edition, Chris visited the inspiring Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. A customer of EDF Energy, the organisation is seeing real benefits from its sustainability initiatives.

Clinical and Healthcare Waste Collection and Disposal Service

Every day - hospitals, care homes, dentists, laboratories and a host of other healthcare- related providers have to dispose of offensive, infectious, hazardous or low level radioactive clinical waste. Right from the start, it’s a process which requires specialist handling by professionals with the right experience, expertise and resources. With a dedicated clinical waste management service, Grundon provides such a solution. Operating our own industry-leading treatment and disposal facilities – including Energy from Waste, steam sterilisation Hydroclaves and the UK’s most modern high temperature incinerator - we provide collection, secure and traceable treatment and final disposal. Our expert team understands the need for strict compliance and combine legislative know how with innovative and cost-effective solutions, helping to meet budgetary and environmental targets, while improving service delivery and efficiency.

Does your FD know how much it costs to ignore energy saving opportunities?

If you’re having problems trying to convince people that energy saving projects are worthwhile, just show them this short video to demonstrate what the true cost of inaction is! Every ESOS audit should include a cost of inaction analysis.

Turbo Carbon - Carbon reporting software that is simple, fast and affordable.

Turbo Carbon helps you report your carbon emissions with a ISO 14064-1 report pdf report at the end. Give your stakeholders scope 1 scope 2 carbon data whilst conforming to regulations.

Sustainability Development Goals with Adrian Wain of UL

Grundon Waste Management - Mixed Recycling Collection Service

At Grundon, we see waste as a valuable resource, taking every opportunity to reuse, recycle or recover materials. Diverting this waste away from landfill is better for the environment and more cost effective. So it’s an approach our customers appreciate. Our innovative service for the collection, treatment and recovery of mixed recycled waste is simple and sustainable. Most importantly - you don’t have to worry about separating your mixed recycling, such as paper and plastic, cardboard and cans - just pop it into one bin and let us do the rest. Our hi-tech Materials Recovery Facilities automatically sort, compact, stack and store the different waste streams ready for recycling and reprocessing.

Electric Adventures: The Business Edition Episode 1 Milk & More

The first business Chris visited was grocery delivery business Milk & More. With a fleet of electric vehicles powered by renewable energy, it's rebooting the humble electric milk float for the 21st century.

ISO 14001:2015 - Definitive Interpretations

Watch a pre-recorded presentation designed to help clarify the intent of various clauses of ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental).

NQA's technical expert Richard Walsh highlights the changes to the updated ISO 50001 Energy Management standard, published by ISO on 21st August 2018, and looks at how they will impact your energy management system.

NQA's technical expert Richard Walsh highlights the changes to the updated ISO 50001 Energy Management standard, published by ISO on 21st August 2018, and looks at how they will impact your energy management system.

2nd Resource Revolution leader interview with Mike Walters, John LewisPartnership

In the second in our FCC Environment-sponsored Resource Revolution leader video interview series, John Lewis Partnership's recycling and waste operations manager, Mike Walters, offers a compelling retail perspective on how corporate resource efficiency is reshaping the waste supply chain.Following the publication of edie's recent White Paper, he forecasts a dramatic change for the waste sector in 20 years' time, in which more on-site diversion and treatment solutions are adopted to cut down on logistics and where disposal costs for businesses are replaced by income streams."I don't think there will be something called waste, I think there will be end-of-first-life materials ... that's a phrase we are adopting now within our business."

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EVORA Insights: GRESB and Data Quality

Interview with Ragnar Martens, Director IT and Analytics, GRESB

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