Food Waste Collection and Recycling Service

Grundon Waste Management Ltd
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Grundon Waste Management Ltd
13/01/2020 10:5

Thousands of tonnes of food are thrown away every day - most of it sent to expensive landfill, producing the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. But there is another way - Grundon’s dedicated food waste collection and recycling service for the hospitality, catering and retail sectors provides a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. We provide a tailored solution to suit our customers’ needs and our bin exchange system ensures that when we take away a full bin, we replace it with a fully sanitised bin to go straight into your kitchen. Additional benefits of the scheme include our ability to provide you with accurate data and reporting, detailing the true cost of food waste to your organisation. If you separate your food waste, we can deliver it to specialist anaerobic digestion facilities, creating renewable electricity, biogas and liquid fertiliser for the farming industry. It’s a win for the environment and it reduces both your carbon footprint and landfill tax bill. Considering that for every tonne of food waste sent to anaerobic digestion, the equivalent of 3 cars are taken off the road - isn’t that a step worth taking?

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