Improving the effectiveness of coagulation control processes

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Effective coagulation control is a vital step in ensuring the safety of potable water. Monitoring the efficiency of the coagulation process enables operators to ensure the correct dosing of coagulants and flocculants and also provides an added safeguard against the risk of waterborne diseases, in particular cryptosporidiosis. Julian Edwards of ABB Measurement Products UK will explain the importance of taking an holistic approach to coagulation control, looking beyond just the immediate process itself. In particular, he will introduce a checklist that operators should follow, detailing key steps including: - Knowing the initial quality of the raw water coming into the plant - Understanding your organic levels - Understanding your turbidity levels - Understanding your pH levels The presentation will be ideal for anyone with responsibility for specifying or operating raw water treatment processes on potable water treatment plant. Delegates to the presentation will learn about: - How to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their coagulation control processes - How factors such as dissolved organics, turbidity and pH levels can affect the coagulation process - How the effects of these factors can be mitigated by multiple-parameter monitoring during the coagulation process - The technologies available for effective coagulation control at all stages of the treatment process, including pre- and post-treatment - Advice on the service and support available from companies such as ABB to help operators maximise the efficiency of their water treatment processes

Video: Improving the effectiveness of coagulation control processes
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