Water NI 2011 - Shane Lynch Interview

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Shane Lynch, CEO, Utility Regulator Shane Lynch is the Chief Executive of the Utility Regulator, and was appointed in January 2011, having previously been the Director of Electricity since 2009. As Director of Electricity he led a major investigation into business electricity tariffs and the review of generating unit agreements with power stations in Northern Ireland. Prior to 2009, he had 27 years experience of the electricity industry (11 years at board level). He worked for 17 years at AES, a global electricity company operating in 29 countries across 5 continents, where he was Managing Director of Kilroot Power Station and was latterly Development Director for Ireland. During his time at AES Kilroot he was responsible for managing all aspects of a power station business with a turnover of £130 million and was latterly responsible for the formulation and implementation of AES's strategy for the island of Ireland. He holds an MSc (with distinction) in Finance and Investment from the University of Ulster (as well as a Diploma in Fuel Technology and Electrical Power Systems from the same university). Additionally, he also holds a BSc from Queens University Belfast.

Video: Water NI 2011 - Shane Lynch Interview
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