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The Planet Mark Awards 2018

On average, organisations certified by The Planet Mark make a 12% carbon saving per employee through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel and procurement. Get in touch now to find out how we can help you on your sustainability journey.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK | Composting and Green waste

SUEZ has a network of composting facilities where we process green waste...

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK | Solid recovered fuel (SRF)

SUEZ can help customers achieve to fulfill Zero waste to landfill ambitions by turning their residual waste into fuel.

SUEZ | Creation of Water Technologies & Solutions

On 02 October 2017, SUEZ finalised the acquisition of GE Water & Process Technologies. A new business unit - SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions will operate with over 10,000 employees and address the needs of over 50,000 customers worldwide.

60 seconds with SUEZ | Influencing behaviour change with strategic communications

Sarah Ottaway, National Recycling Manager at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK talks about municipal waste collections and the role that waste management companies play in influencing behaviour change.

60 seconds with SUEZ | A four waste approach

Technical Development Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, Stuart Hayward-Higham, talks about how a ‘four waste’ system thinking can save organisations’ money and resources through a systematic and deliverable approach to waste management.

The history of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

The SUEZ recycling and recovery UK history from 1988...

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK | Dry mixed recycling

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK has a network of recycling facilities across the UK, where we process mixed paper, cardboard, steel/aluminium cans, plastics and glass.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK | Energy from waste

At SUEZ our energy-from-waste facilities in the UK take residual waste that is leftover after recycling, and process it under controlled conditions to produce electricity and heat.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK | Street sweepings

SUEZ is helping to reduce waste sent to landfill and boost local authority recycling routes. We provide a Zero to landfill (Z2L) solution for street sweepings in the UK.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK | Wood recovery

SUEZ recovers thousands of tonnes of waste wood at dedicated processing sites across the UK.

SUEZ Solid Recovered Fuel facility in Rugby

Rugby Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) facility opened by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK in September 2015 will supply the CEMEX Rugby Cement Plant with sustainable fuel for the next 25 years.

We are ready...

We are ready for the resource revolution. Are you?

KLM UK Engineering Limited: Lighting control through the Cloud

Mark Walker, IT Manager of KLM UK Engineering, explains the benefits of a connected lighting system related to energy efficiency, health and safety regulations within the hangars.

The Strautmann BaleTainer - The most innovative fully automatic recycling baler on the market!

The BaleTainer® is a fully automatic baling press for the compaction of paper, cardboard packaging, film and empty PET bottles and easily handles large quantities of waste. The innovative BaleTainer® takes you to the next dimension of disposal technology as it truly bridges the gap from ‘manual’ to ‘conventional auto’ baler. To see our full range of waste compactors, balers and liquid drainers in action, visit our Youtube channel

Vodafone and Severn Trent Water manage 1000s of energy projects. How do they do it?

The way energy projects are managed can have a significant impact on project success. An holistic approach to energy project management is essential to enable an efficient, effective, prioritised approach that maximises savings. World leading mobile communications provider Vodafone and Severn Trent Water who operate over 6,000 sites in the country, have both selected energy specialist JRP Solutions’ energy project management tool, Energy Activator® for the job.

Be Energy - high quality, affordable, energy awareness eLearning Programme

Be Energy is a user-friendly, interactive, eLearning programme that will help your employees to understand what energy is, how the use of energy impacts on our environment and how they can use less energy at home and at work to save costs and to create healthier businesses and a healthier planet. Watch our short, informative video to find out more.

Generate power onsite and reduce energy costs, carbon emissions, maintain security of power supply and improve your business competitiveness

Edina is a leading supplier, installer and maintenance provider for combined heat and power (CHP), gas and diesel power generation solutions.


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Off Grid Water Supply

WHAT IS AN OFF GRID WATER SUPPLY? In simple terms coming off mains water and tapping into underground water sources, taking your water from aquifers the same places as the water companies take their water from and charge you regulated water rates. Ask yourself this – Why pay more? An off grid water supply is not for everyone as the water may not be available but asking the question costs you nothing. An off grid water supply – the way to go for medium and high water users that will make a huge difference to your water bills.

Power in your hands

Built on our core capabilities in energy insight, optimisation and solutions see how you can make the most of your energy.

Energy Resilience

See how energy-related failures affected businesses last year - and why yours needs Energy Resilience now.

Combined Heat and Power

See how you can save on energy costs, reduce CO2 and make your business more resilient by generating your own electricity and heat on site in a single, efficient process

Panoramic Power

See how you can monitor energy usage across all your equipment and devices and use the granular insight to reduce waste, save cost and improve your operational insight.

Battery Storage

Improve operational efficiency, uncover new growth opportunities and reduce business risk

The Climate Coin Toss

This Verco animation highlights the need for ambitious carbon reduction targets and questions whether current approaches are going to meet the goals of the Paris agreement.

Demand Side Response

Take control of your energy, create additional value for your business and unlock the power of energy flexibility.

The Design and operation of Feed stock clamps for AD Biogas Plants

By Jeremy Nash - ACP Concrete

H2O Building Services | Water Management Consultants

As experts in the water industry for over 20 years we have developed into an organisation which provides you with services to not only detects and repairs water leaks, but we manage your water usage to ensure your bills are low as they can be

Waste Water Or Trade Effluent

What Is Trade Effluent- And Can You Make Savings?

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