UK Green skills gap needs plugging – MEP

A Green politician has used the platform of Energy Efficiency Week to call for more vocational training to be made available to those wanting to work in the environmental sector.

Green MEP Jean Lambert has called for Government action to provide Britain’s workforce with the essential skills and training necessary to implement renewable energy schemes and meet climate change targets.

While simple energy efficiency measures in the home could make a significant improvement in terms of Britain’s emissions, real change will not occur unless more people choose to join ‘green’ professions and the correct training is both promoted and readily available, said the MEP.

“Strategies for improving the environment rely heavily on training,” Said Ms Lambert.

“It is vital that we meet CO2 reduction targets but we wont be successful if the next generation are not trained in improving the environment.

“How will we meet targets if we haven’t got any trained solar panel fitters, for example?”

Previous reports commissioned by the MEP’s office have demonstrated that young people are concerned about pollution, health and the environment, but

training and regeneration schemes fail to take this into account.

“Training is all too often aimed at placing people in jobs and ignores the significant potential that exists to empower people to improve the environment,” she said.

“Training solely through a perspective of increasing income capacity, is neither integrated nor capable of working towards a society that lives by the principles of sustainable development.

“Energy Efficiency Week really highlights all the small changes we can

make today to reduce climate change, for example not leaving the TV on

standby or leaving it on to keep the dog company.

“We must, however, look to the future and ensure that the next generation are not facing the climate change crisis we see before us now.”

By Sam Bond

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