Unique flowmeter for tough sludge

The Ultra Mag Flowmeter from McCrometer combines superior flow measurement accuracy in liquids, slurries and sludge with low maintenance and long-life. The advanced Ultra Mag is an electromagnetic flowmeter which is field-proven to meet the specific needs of users in the water and process control industries.

With its unique rugged NSF-approved epoxy liner technology, UltraLiner, the manufacturer claims that Ultra Mag gives users an exceptionally accurate, reliable and durable instrument with outstanding electrical insulating properties. Process and plant engineers who have in the past had to trade-off accuracy in harsh environments against low maintenance and long-life, will find the Ultra Mag ideal, especially in slurries and sludge.

The Ultra Mag measures flow with a non-intrusive sensing element, which means debris and solids will not clog the line or cause excessive wear. Combined with the superior abrasion and corrosion resistance of UltraLiner, this magmeter is a superior choice for installation in hard-to-reach areas and applications requiring minimal maintenance in tough environments.

Ultra Mag is accurate to +0.5% of flow rate, with a repeatability of +0.05%, over a wide flow range from 0.2 to 49 FPS. It is designed for line sizes from 50-1210mm and it is compatible with temperatures from -10 to +77ºC at pressures up to 300 psi. Its non-intrusive flow-sensing element also eliminates head loss.

To sense flow, the Ultra Mag relies on two compact, high-density magnetic coils placed within the pipe outer wall to generate an electromagnetic field inside the pipe. As conductive liquid flows through the pipe, a voltage is created, which is measured by electrodes inserted through the flowmeter liner into the flow stream. The voltage is then converted to a flow rate reading by the Ultra Mag’s signal converter, which includes a digital read-out.

The highest possible flow measurement accuracy is provided by the Ultra Mag’s highly intelligent micro-processor based signal converter. Advanced electronic components within the signal converter produce an exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio for high measurement accuracy even in slurries or sludge under variable flow conditions.

Magmeters provide worry-free flow measurement in situations where reliability and low maintenance are critical. Unlike mechanical flowmeters, there are no moving parts to clog or break–making them low maintenance devices.

Electromagnetic measurement gives magmeters a wide rangeability–up to 245:1 and allows for bi-directional flow readings. As the voltage generated is related only to the speed of the fluid, measurement is unaffected by changes in fluid density and viscosity–making for a very stable and reliable flowmeter.

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