Greens in the London Assembly have ensured a dramatic boost in the resources available for tackling climate change in the previous four years.

Greens have used their influence over the Mayor’s budget to deliver a comprehensive Green Homes Service to provide advice and practical support to all Londoners wanting to make their homes greener, to provide cut-price insulation for Londoners and major investment in cycling and walking.

Greens pledge to build on these achievements in the next term.

The Green Party strategy for London’s environment includes:

  • Extend the free home insulation scheme to everyone who needs it.

  • Solar electricity and heating on 100,000 roofs in Greater London by 2015.

  • Ensure all new developments that the Mayor has direct control over are carbon neutral.

  • Use planning powers to introduce a ‘renewables escalator’ for new buildings – requiring progressively higher proportions of locally-produced renewable energy.

  • Low cost loans and paperwork help for householders who want to install renewable energy.

  • Cut emissions from buildings by introducing a street-by-street programme across the whole of London to deliver energy improvements.

  • Follow Green Homes Service with Green Schools Service to provide advice, expertise and support for emissions reduction in London’s schools.

  • Step-up the Mayor’s Climate Change Action Plan reduction target to 85% by 2025.

  • Bring in investment to fund the creation of a decentralised energy network across London. This could operate on a similar basis to the funding of transport infrastructure, where the Mayor can raise capital for major work through issuing bonds.

  • Skills training for Londoners to manufacture, install and maintain green energy systems.

  • Switch to cleaner vehicles, reduce traffic and promote massive increase in walking and cycling.

  • Make it easier for householders to gain planning permission for small-scale renewables.

  • Oppose airport expansion and promote reduction in flying..

  • New development on “brown-field” land only – subject to biodiversity audit.

  • Strong enforcement of a veto on new out-of-town retail developments and the introduction of a presumption against private parking for new retail developments.

  • Defence and expansion of London’s green spaces – by opposing environmentally damaging planning proposals and employing well-trained managers to improve biodiversity.

  • A major tree-planting scheme to ensure street trees in every street.

  • Use planning powers to promote green/living roofs.

  • All new waterside developments to incorporate public access to the water front, to create continuous waterside pathways, and allow cycle riding where it is safe to do so.

  • Greens encourage the greater use of canals for freight transport and leisure, but not where that would have an adverse impact on ecology or archaeology, or cause foreshore erosion.

  • All riverside developments to encourage biodiversity and enhance the riverside landscape.

  • Adopt a London Zero Waste strategy, to minimize waste and maximize recycling, with targets for completing key stages.

  • Work to end incineration in London and invest in new sustainable waste technology to create renewable energy.

  • Support the recycling industry, including paper-recycling mills, electronics recycling, plastics recycling plants, and re-use/refurbishment plants – all creating new green jobs.
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