The new organisation, the Society of British Water and Wastewater Industries (SBWWI), is designed to create a single contact for clients seeking water and wastewater expertise, and a single body to represent the industry, bringing together the clean water side of the sector – SBWI, and the wastewater side – the Sewer Renovation Federation (SRF).

SBWI was formed in 1986 to represent contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and consultants within the clean water side of the industry, providing a forum for discussion and dissemination of information. The organisation’s new partner, SRF, has been representing those involved in the repair and replacement of pipes using trenchless technology and other related techniques which minimise the environmental impact and disruption by reducing the need for excavation.

“We were conscious that the old SBWI did not fully represent the wastewater industry which accounts for a significant asset value,” said Kenny Cameron Chairman of the new SBWWI, and former Chairman of SBWI. “We also expect the sewerage sector to attract greater attention and investment in the future. The SRF had the background and expertise in the sewerage industry to restore the balance.”

“Although the SRF achieved a great deal, as a relatively small organisation we did not have the facilities to provide all the services that could have benefited our members,” said former SRF Chairman Gary Houghton. “With its greater resources, the new SBWWI can provide more comprehensive representation for companies in all sections of the water and sewerage industry.”

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