Water industry reassures customers of Millennium Bug readiness

The UK’s water regulator, the Office of Water Services (Ofwat) has launched a campaign designed to reassure its customers that water supplies will not be affected by the Millennium date rollover.

A package of measures has been drawn up to get the message across that water and sewerage services will not be affected by the Millennium Bug. The measures, which were drawn up by the regulator, consumer representatives, and the water companies themselves include:

  • A new Ofwat leaflet setting out the facts about the water industry and the bug being distributed through libraries and Ofwat’s 10 regional customer service committees (CSCs);
  • The 10 regional CSCs monitoring what the companies are doing to keep their customers informed on action to combat the Bug. As a result, customers are being reassured that services will be maintained;
  • A third independent report, which was published recently, showed that the industry across England and Wales has maintained the Blue status it gained in July. The Blue status is defined by Action 2000 as “no risk of material disruption being identified”;
  • Regular meetings between companies and Ofwat have ensured that contingency plans are constantly monitored and there is a co-ordinated approach to customer communication.

Director General of Water Services, Ian Byatt, said: “Customers can be remain confident that the water companies and the regulator will continue to work together to protect their water services into the year 2000 and beyond.”

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