What makes a great ESG Investor? Meet our award winners, Tribe Impact Capital

The Tribe team collected their award at a glittering ceremony in London in March (pictured).

Tribe Impact Capital only invests in well-run businesses which are helping solve the social, environmental, and economic challenges of today and tomorrow. These businesses operate beyond the realms of current environmental, social and governance (ESG) levels, into intentional contribution through their products and services.

Tribe is able to identify these businesses using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as through its proprietary AMI [additionality, materiality, and intentionality] framework.

The organisation’s process for assessing impact includes, as a minimum, assessments of a company’s ESG footprint. It then carries out deep analysis of the businesses to understand how it aligns with the SDGs and Paris Climate Accord – both operationally and in the marketplace – through its products and services and its potential to add real value to society.

Tribe does this with both direct investments, and through its funds. It looks at three levels of likely impact for pooled securities (funds) and single securities (single lines), across public and private market investment opportunities. The business terms these “operational”, “transition”, and “systemic” impacts and relate to the ability of a company to deliver the targets that support the SDGs.

Tribe reports its process and progress annually in its SDG Performance Report across all portfolios (its aggregated assets under management, which includes direct clients and its Sustainable Impact managed portfolio service offered via financial advisers).

The face that Tribe is a certified B Corp means that it must hold to its commitments. Moreover, it is recognised as one of the top 10% of B Corps globally in terms of its performance.

At least two other fund managers declared net-zero 2030 targets after engaging with Tribe, and it has encouraged other asset managers to become B Corps.

B Corp is certification is not just about environmental sustainability, but also about governance and interactions with workers. Tribe committed in February 2018 to HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter with a pledge to retain a 50/50 gender management split. It is also committed to treating its employees fairly. The business is aware of the significant differences in financial packages between executives and junior staff.

Regarding engagement with clients, Tribe is evidencing the inter-gender and inter-generational change in wealth management. 49% of its direct clients are female and 43% under the age of 45.

Building on research in sustainability and collaborating with leading behavioural scientists, Tribe has developed a tool which helps clients interact and engage with their wealth and sustainability objectives.

Whenever it can, the company chooses to work with its fellow B Corp community in its supply chain. This is so: 1) it knows its partners are committed to running their businesses with mission and purpose; and 2) it can rely on their B Lab assessments as part of its due diligence on them.

edie’s judges said: “Tribe continues to be at the forefront of the impact wealth manager world. The judges were impressed by Tribe’s leadership through their transparent approach to investing on behalf of their clients, while ensuring investments with a positive impact are embedded in their strategy.”

Are you our next winner?

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