Why behaviour change is key for Fairy to unlock energy efficiency gains for homes

In today’s fast-paced world, the majority of people are constantly seeking ways to optimise their daily routines, especially at home. In this latest op-ed, Fairy outlines how it is instructing households to make one easy change to introduce energy-efficient solutions that also save time.

Why behaviour change is key for Fairy to unlock energy efficiency gains for homes

Image: Fairy

One poll online survey* on behalf of P&G in June 2022 of 8,000 dishwasher users found that 88% of households are looking for energy-efficient solutions as well as to save time.

To meet the needs of today’s consumer, Fairy is calling on the nation to change daily dishwashing habits with its #switchtoshort initiative – encouraging those who are stuck in a rut and unsatisfied with their habits to shake things up.

Run through your daily routine on auto-pilot, and stick to the same dishwashing cycle each day? It might be time to try switching up trying another cycle.

Switching from your auto/normal cycle to a short cycle (see below for more details on how to identify your short cycle** can help to save up to 33% energy and thus lower the carbon footprint of your dishwashing, and get the job done up to 4 times faster***.

R&D teams at Fairy designed the Platinum Plus formula specifically to deliver high performance in more challenging cleaning conditions such as short cycles , answering to today’s consumer fast pace of life.

This is thanks to a combination of Fast cleaning system, with a blend of cleaning enzymes effective at low temperature and ‘Quick Dry’ technology for faster drying.

With so many dishwasher brands and cycles, here is some info to help you find your short cycle:

  • A short cycle is not simply another cycle that you can shorten – it is pre-programed cleaning cycle that takes less than 55 minutes to run.
  • It can be called Quick, Rapid, Express, Fast, Speed, Fast & Clean, Mini, etc. You will find cycles shorter than 55 minutes on most dishwashers, if unfortunately your machine doesn’t have one and you still want to be energy conscious, you will just need to wait longer and use your eco cycle.



*One Poll online survey on behalf of P&G, June 2022, 8000 dishwasher users aged 25-55, UK, Spain, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Belgium and France
**Short cycle defined as preprogrammed cycle ≤ 55min…..
***When moving from auto or normal cycle to short cycle, based on an average annual number of 202.8 dishwashing cycles. Short cycle defined pre-programmed cycle ≤ 55min..

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