The  #DesignDoc campaign will see three Scottish designers transform one of seven items of furniture and post the details on Twitter and Facebook.

Users who follow the #DesignDoc hashtag can see pictures of the piece of furniture waiting to be upcycled. Three ideas will be suggested by the designers as to how they might transform the piece and users will be asked to vote for their favourite design.

The winning idea will be used to create the final upcycled article, with an accompanying ‘how to’ guide uploaded online with pictures. 

Izzie Johnston, the reuse and repair manager at Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Re-using things – whether that be through upcycling, donating unwanted items, or buying from re-use store – is one of the best options for the environment since it prevents waste going to landfill or simply being recycled. 

“Upcycling is a particularly exciting aspect to this because it can add both aesthetic and financial value to an item.”

Zero Waste Scotland said that re-using rather than recycling 100 sofas can save 1.5 tonnes of carbon.

Circular Scotland

Environment Minister Dr Aileen McLeod said: “The Design Doctor campaign is an ideal fit with the Scottish Government’s approach to creating a more circular economy in Scotland.

“The attraction of a more circular approach to our economy – where we keep materials flowing through the economy at as high a value as possible, for as long as possible – is that it tackles a number of economic, environmental, social and moral imperatives.”

The pieces destined for upcycling will be sourced from a range of second-hand stores accredited by ‘Revolve’ – a re-use quality standard for shops who sell second hand goods in Scotland.

McLeod added: “Scotland’s Revolve programme is a great way to empower people to upcycle household items instead of throwing them away – and this is a concept that makes sense for business, industry, the public sector, and individuals.”

Brad Allen

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