V2G - Vechicle to Grid -

Enabling two way flow of power from and additional asset value.

V2G - Vechicle to Grid -

EVs will offer opportunities for new energy solutions such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G), vehicle-to-business (V2B) and vehicle-to home (V2H); offering both business and domestic customers the opportunity to utilise their EVs to power their home/site and reduce their costs by selling electricity back to the grid.

What is V2G?

V2G chargers allow a two-way flow of electricity, between the car and the charger and the electricity grid. This enables cars to send energy back onto the charger via a building (V2B) or a home (V2H), and subsequently return it back to the grid, opening up the possibility for EVs to become portable energy storage.

How to make it work?

 • Specific vehicles are required (Nissan Leaf and eNV200, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV are compatible today)

 • Chargers require a bidirectional capability

Why choose V2G?

Over a five year timeframe the total cost of owning a Nissan eNV200 fleet vehicle benefiting from EDF Energy V2G offering proves cheaper than using uni-directional charger and much cheaper than its Diesel counterparts.

For fleet managers:

 • EDF will manage install solutions

 • Real time charge monitoring, dashboards with iOS and Android apps

 • Trip scheduling

 • Fleet total cost of ownership reduced

 • Fleet management and 24/7 service, guaranteed battery levels

Predictability and visibility of costs:

 • Fixed monthly subscription of 20£/month

 • Smart tarrif for your driving needs

 • Monthly reporting of performances

 • V2G revenues for discharging in peaks

A greener e-mobility:

 • Help integrate more renewables in the power network.

 • Synergy with building consumption, local generation.

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