Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

DEFINITION: A low-risk method of financing and delivering energy efficiency improvements and renewable projects for businesses that lack the funds, technical experience and man power needed for such projects. The EPC is formed between the client and an external organisation (ESCO), with the upgrades funded through cost reductions.


More detail:

What is an Energy Performance Contract (EPC)?

An EPC is a low-risk method of financing and delivering energy efficiency improvements and renewable projects for businesses that lack the funds, technical experience and man power needed for such projects.

How does an EPC work?

The EPC is formed between the client and an external organisation (ESCO). The energy upgrades are funded through cost reductions. The income from the cost savings, or the renewable energy produced, is used to repay the costs of the project, including the costs of the investment. An EPC guarantees a return equal to the cost of investment for the client with the percentage of future savings accrued by the client dependent on the type of EPC in place.

As responsibility for covering the cost of the initial investment falls to the ESCO through performance of installed generation or efficiency schemes, EPCs are seen as fairly low-risk.

What are the benefits of an EPC?

  • Financial Benefits
  • Guaranteed energy savings
  • Reduction in backlog maintenance levels, maintenance costs and other running costs
  • Reduction in CRC Scheme costs
  • Creating the opportunity for renewable energy generation and income from the Feed In-Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive schemes
  • Reducing the impact of future energy price rises through significantly reducing energy use


Wider benefits

Delivering CO2 reductions and helping to achieve corporate CO2 reduction targets

Improving the building environment and comfort for occupants through upgraded and more efficient heating and cooling systems. An important benefit, as a growing body of evidence suggests, is that improved building environments can improve productivity and reduce absenteeism

Creating a safer environment through improved lighting, reduced equipment failures and better building management systems to help identify issues

Investment in buildings and green technologies to help generate local jobs and improve local skills

What are the performance targets of EPCs?

Performance targets can be based on CO2 savings, energy savings and generation of a certain kWh level of renewable energy per annum. The targets can vary depending on the type of EPC.

What are the different types of EPC available?

Shared savings

Under a shared savings contract the customer takes over some of the performance risk of the installed measure, so will not be responsible for the initial investment risk. The ESCO therefore assumes both performance and credit risks, securing the loan against its share of anticipated energy cost savings.

The cost savings under a shared savings scheme are split for a pre-determined length of time in accordance with a pre-arranged percentage: there is no 'standard' split as this depends on the cost of the project, the length of the contract and the risks taken by the ESCO and the consumer.

Guaranteed savings

Under a guaranteed savings contract the ESCO guarantees a certain level of energy savings thereby removing an element of performance risk for the customer, but will not finance the project. Financing for such schemes are generally provided by banks or financing agencies.

If the savings are not enough to cover the initial investment then the ESCO has to cover the difference. If savings exceed the guaranteed level, then the customer pays an agreed upon percentage of the savings to the ESCO. Usually the contract also contains a proviso that the guarantee is only good, i.e. the value of the energy saved will be enough to meet the customer debt obligation, provided that the price of energy does not go below a stipulated floor price.


A common contract in Europe is the 'chauffage' contract, where an ESCO takes over complete responsibility for the provision to the client of an agreed set of energy services and provides in effect an extreme form of energy management outsourcing. The ESCO takes on the responsibility for providing the agreed level of energy service for lower than the current bill or for providing improved level of service for the same bill. The more efficiently and cheaply it can do this, the greater its earnings.

Chauffage contracts are typically very long (20-30 years) and the ESCO provides all the associated maintenance and operation during the contract.

A BOOT model may involve an ESCO designing, building, financing, owning and operating the equipment for a defined period of time and then transferring this ownership across to the client.

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Issuance was particularly high from the departments of national governments, and bodies set up by national governments, including the organisation tasked with rail construction in France

A boon for green bonds: Record $210bn of climate bonds certified in 2021

The Climate Bonds Initiative has revealed that it certified more than $200bn of bonds in 2021, from more than 220 issuers, marking a record high.

There are more than 300 community renewable energy projects across the UK, but those representing the space say they aren't properly supported by policy. Image: RePowering

UK community energy leaders say Government has 'abandoned' them, despite net-zero commitment

Those leading community energy projects across the UK are urging the Government to provide more support in 2022, after last year's Budgets and Net-Zero Strategy provided little in the way of new funding or regulation.

Pictured: The Walney Extension offshore wind farm, for which PIC has provided debt financing. Image: Orsted

Report: Post-Brexit insurance regulation reform would unlock billions for UK's green economy

Now the UK has left the EU, it must properly reform regulation governing insurance companies to unlock the multi-billion-pound investments needed for projects and sectors crucial to meeting the UK's climate and environmental goals, a new report is urging.

Pictured: Climeworks' 'Orca' plant in Iceland, described as the world's largest direct air capture facility

Stripe takes carbon removal investment commitment to $15m as LGT signs deal with ClimeWorks

Payment platform company Stripe has confirmed plans for an additional $6m of investment in carbon capture technologies, on top of $9m already committed, in the same week that finance firm LGT signed a deal with ClimeWorks.

Multiplex's social strategy and Spain's clean energy package: The sustainability success stories of the week

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The new packages form the second part of the EU's 'Fit for 55' package, designed to reduce emissions across the bloc by 55% by 2030

EU unveils sweeping package of low-carbon legislation for gas, buildings and transport

The European Commission has today (15 December) unveiled a package of legislation designed to align its gas, buildings and transport sectors with the EU's 2050 net-zero target.

Transport and mobility have taken the lion's share of overall global investment, the report reveals

Report: Cleantech investments up threefold year-on-year, but funding still lacking for renewables and food sector

Cleantech investment from venture capital and private equity funds was more than three times higher in the first half of 2021 than in the first half of 2020, according to a major new analysis from PwC.

The majority of the funding will benefit offshore wind. Image: Vattenfall

UK Government opens 'biggest round' of CfD energy auctions to date

The fourth round of the UK Government's Contracts for Difference (CfD) auction scheme, designed to increase investment in low-carbon energy, has opened, aiming to support 12GW of new generation capacity.

Several major climate-related policy strategies were published this year

UK Government urged to create net-zero delivery authority over concerns about 'piecemeal' approach

Think-tank Policy Connect, supported by a cross-party group of MPs, is calling on the UK Government to apply net-zero 'stress tests' to all major policy decisions and to create a net-zero delivery authority to help turn long-term climate goals into joined-up action.

Pictured: Climeworks' 'Orca' DAC plant in Iceland

Boston Consulting Group and Square Inc turn to Climeworks for carbon capture

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and financial services firm Square have signed separate, multi-year contracts with carbon capture firm Climeworks to help deliver their respective net-zero targets.

Under the Ten Point Plan, the UK Government is planning to deliver 10 million tonnes of man-made carbon dioxide capture annually by the end of the decade.

UK Government opens £64m funding competition for carbon capture innovations

The UK Government has opened a new funding pot for innovators developing direct air capture (DAC) technologies and other greenhouse gas removal systems.

Pictured: The Catalyst building in Newcastle

North of Tyne Combined Authority launches new fund to help SMEs take climate action

The North of Tyne Combined Authority has launched a new £18m Green New Deal Fund, which will support public sector organisations and local SMEs to decarbonise their operations and improve nature.

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Pictured: Smiths School of Enterprise and the Environment, where the Group is based. Image: Oxford University

Oxford University bags £4.5m from Ikea Foundation for sustainable finance research

Retailer Ikea's charitable foundation is allocating a £4.5m grant to the University of Oxford's Sustainable Finance Group, which is working to help the UK's financial sector align with the Paris Agreement's climate pathways.

The mandate will apply to new homes three years sooner than originally envisioned under the Future Homes Standard

Boris Johnson confirms mandatory EV charging points for new buildings in England

All new homes and workplaces built in England from 2022 will need to have electric vehicle (EV) charging points as standard, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed. 

To date, more than 400 public EV chargers have been installed across Devon. Image: Devon County Council

Funding boost to develop EV charging infrastructure roadmap for UK's rural regions

A project working to map out the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in the UK's rural regions, trialling solutions in Devon, has received grant funding from Innovate UK this week.

Pictured: The Walney offshore wind farm, off the coast of Cumbria. Image: SSE Renewables

SSE outlines £12.5bn net-zero investment plan through to 2026

Energy giant SSE has unveiled a £12.5bn capital investment plan for decarbonisation through to 2026, representing a 65% increase in spending on the low-carbon transition on current levels.

Pictured: Nicola Sturgeon, Vanessa Nakate and Nigel Topping at this afternoon's 'Racing to a Better World' event

COP26: six things you need to know from Cities, Regions and Built Environment Day

The final day of COP26 proceedings for non-state actors (11 November) was dedicated to Cities, Regions and the Built Environment. Here, edie rounds up the day's big announcements in this space, and summarises the state of play as negotiations enter their final hours.

The documents set up a tense negotiating period at Glasgow

COP26 draft plan: Countries urged to submit and strengthen climate plans

The COP26 Presidency Unit has published the draft "cover decision" of negotiations at the summit so far, calling on nations to "revisit and strengthen" their 2030 climate targets by the end of 2022 in order to keep any chance of reaching the 1.5C pathway of the Paris Agreement alive.

The report was published to coincide with Transport Day at COP26

Report: New funding mechanisms needed for EVs and charging to spur low-carbon transport uptake

Vehicle and charging bundles, health certification for batteries and local authority engagement are among 18 recommendations from the Green Finance Institute in order to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK.

7 things you need to know from Science, Innovation and Gender Day at COP26

The presidency programme for the second and final Tuesday (9 November) here at COP26 was dedicated to innovation for a low-carbon and climate-resilient world, and also to the importance of gender equality in tackling the climate crisis. Here, edie rounds up seven talking points from the day.

The busiest live event of the day in the Blue Zone was a speech from former US President Barack Obama. Image: UNFCCC

Five things you need to know from Adaptation, Loss and Damage Day at COP26

The second Monday (8 November) here at COP26 was dedicated to adaptation, loss and damage, with major announcements from nations, cities, regions and businesses. Here, edie rounds up five big stories from the day.

The costs of adaptation look set to reach the higher end of $140-$300bn each year by 2030

UK commits £290m for climate adaptation as nations seek clarity on funding timeframes

The UK Government looks set to commit £290m in new funding towards climate adaptation across the globe, with other multi-million pound commitments set to be delivered by nations as week two of COP26 gets underway.

Proceedings today (6 November) at COP26 will focus on nature, ahead of the summit's only rest day tomorrow

COP26: Nations collectively agree to sustainable food systems policies and pledge to accelerate green agriculture innovation

To mark Nature and Land Use Day at COP26, 150 organisations have agreed to accelerate the deployment of green innovations for the agriculture sector, while 45 nations have agreed to reform policies to support a sustainable food system.

Today at COP26, the programme is focused on youth and public engagement

COP26: Solar-powered boilers and better climate curriculum promised for UK schools

Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi has delivered a COP26 in Glasgow today, outlining the next steps for decarbonizing UK schools and improving climate-related education for under-18s.

Image: HM Treasury. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

COP26: Rishi Sunak vows to make UK 'world's first net-zero financial centre'

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has spoken of the UK's vision to help "rewire the global financial system fir net-zero" at the inance day of COP26 outlining plans on sovereign green bonds and corporate climate disclosures. 

The first official full day has been jam-packed with panel talks, protests and photo ops. Here, we round up key happenings in terms of international speeches and pledges. Image: UK COP26 Unit 

COP26 World Leaders Summit: 6 things you need to know from Day 1

World leaders were officially welcomed to COP26 on Monday (1 November), with a host of Prime Ministers and national leaders joined by Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles in setting a tone of urgency for two weeks of critical climate negotiations. Here at the key announcements from Day One of the World Leaders Summit.

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government forged an agreement with the Scottish Green Party Parliamentary Group

Scotland outlines plans to double onshore wind capacity by 2030, ramp up regenerative agriculture

On the eve of COP26, the Scottish Government has launched a consultation on a new onshore wind generation target for 2030 and provided new funding for restoring nature on farms.

Image: HSBC Group

Report: $100trn needed to get global supply chains to net-zero and up to half must go to SMEs

Up to half of the estimated $100trn investment needed to get global supply chains to net-zero by 2050 will need to go to SMEs, a new analysis from HSBC and Boston Consulting Group has concluded.

Pictured: The Rothiemurchus estate, Scotland. Image: RWEC

Salesforce founder pledges $100m to reforestation, as L'Oreal chooses UK for first allocation of $58m nature fund

Salesforce and the venture capital firm run by its founder Marc Benioff have announced $300m in climate-related investments, on the same day that L'Oreal confirmed the first recipient of funding from its €50m nature fund.

Image: HM Treasury. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The wrong messages ahead of COP26: Green economy reacts to Rishi Sunak's Budget

After Chancellor Rishi Sunak opened his red Budget box to reveal new funding for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing and low-carbon shipping, there has been a mixed reaction from the green economy, with widespread criticism of the Treasury's approach to aviation. Here, edie summarises the reaction.

Image: HM Treasury. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0,  

Budget Day: What does Rishi Sunak's plan mean for the UK's green economy?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has today (27 October) delivered the 2021 Budget, with cuts to aviation taxes but funding boosts for green skills and low-carbon manufacturing. Here, we round up the key green (and not-so-green) provisions. 

Image: WWF Brazil, Adriano Gambarini 

HP increases $11m forests pledge to $80m, in bid to restore one million acres

HP Inc. has extended its partnership pledge with WWF, focused on forest restoration, from $11m over a five-year period to $80m over a decade, thereby creating the largest partnership between a US-based corporation and the NGO to date.

edie Explains: Carbon Offsetting

What is carbon offsetting in the terms of a businesses’ carbon emissions strategy? How does the carbon offset process and its market work? And, at what point should a business turn to carbon offsetting?

Many developing nations have barely contributed to emissions historically, but are now facing the most pronounced physical impacts of the climate crisis

Rich nations won't deliver $100bn international climate finance promise until 2023

The COP26 Presidency has outlined plans to finally make good on a commitment from OECD nations to provide $100bn of climate finance to poorer countries annually, but stated that the full amount will not be delivered this year or next.

Image: Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto announces $7.5bn plan to halve operational carbon emissions by 2030

Multinational mining giant Rio Tinto has increased its decarbonisation targets and announced a $7.5bn spending plan to support the halving of operational carbon emissions by 2030.

Thousands of pages of green policy updates have been published this week. Here, we recap on the key talking points 

Recapping a bumper week for UK green policy: Here's what you need to know

To say it has been a busy week for green policy announcements in the UK would be an understatement. Here, edie recaps the key changes from the Net-Zero Strategy, Heat and Buildings Strategy, Environment Bill and HM Treasury.

The second green gilt is a 32-year bond, maturing on 31 July 2053, making it the sovereign green bond with the longest maturity in the world

UK's second green gilt raises a further £6bn for low-carbon projects

The UK Treasury has confirmed the second sale of its green gilts package, bringing total funding for projects assisting the net-zero transition to £16bn to date.

SMEs are responsible for half of the UK's business-related emissions, making their decarbonisation crucial to achieving net-zero

Survey: Three-quarters of UK SMEs without credible plans to reduce emissions

UK-based small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) will need far more support to decarbonise, lest the nation risk missing its net-zero target, a new survey has revealed.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce that deals worth £9.7bn have been secured at the Summit

Bill Gates forms partnership with UK Government to mobilise £400m green innovation fund

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed a new strategic partnership with Bill Gates's energy innovation platform that will mobilise £400m for cutting-edge green technologies that drive progress towards net-zero emissions.

The Strategy confirms heat pumps as the Government's preferred technology for decarbonising home heating in the near-term

Heat and Buildings Strategy: Green economy reacts, expressing hopes for more funding and tighter deadlines

Key figures from across the UK's green economy have weighed in on the Heat and Buildings Strategy, with the general conclusion being that, while the ambition is welcome, measures will not be enough to meet future climate targets.

The world failed to deliver the last set of UN biodiversity targets, meaning there is a long way to go to prevent Earth's sixth mass extinction 

First part of UN's biodiversity summit closes with strong progress towards treaty adoption

The first half of the UN's Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has come to a close in Kunming, with China and the EU scaling up commitments to funding for nature conservation and restoration.

Ahead of COP26 Sunak has called on other G7 nations to support the IMF’s proposed Resilience and Sustainability Trust

G7 to explore carbon pricing and green finance for developing nations

G7 Finance Ministers have agreed on a new set of principles aimed at improving global supply chain resiliency and backing a new initiative from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) aimed at helping developing countries boost green economic opportunities.

Scientists at London's Natural History Museum believe the UK is suffering from greater levels of biodiversity loss than most other major economies 

Report: UK must invest additional £97bn in nature within a decade, to meet own targets

The UK will need to increase its investment in nature by at least £44bn and by as much as £97bn, by 2032, to meet its own environmental commitments.

Almost two-thirds of small charities in Neighbourly’s network say they need more volunteering support

Businesses to support grassroots green charities through new Neighbourly platform

Businesses including Danone and Coca-Cola are supporting a new initiative to provide grassroots charities with access to funding and volunteers to deliver local planting and environmental initiatives.

Glasgow (pictured) is cited as a good example of a city beginning closer collaboration with its national government on issues such as energy efficiency 

80% of cities not yet 1.5C-aligned; more government support needed for local climate action

Just one-fifth of the world's cities have reported climate plans aligned with the Paris Agreement's 1.5C trajectory, with many saying they need more support to accelerate decarbonisation and adaptation.

Blended hydrogen and gas projects already in the pipeline were excluded from the ban

Lawmakers ban fossil gas from EU energy infrastructure funding, with some exceptions

Lawmakers in the European Parliament have voted to remove support for fossil gas in EU funding rules for cross-border energy infrastructure known as the TEN-E regulation.

Pictured: Eastbourne

Five UK councils commit to launching green bonds

The Green Finance Institute (GFI) has announced the first five councils to sign on to its Local Climate Bond campaign, which commits members to developing green bond issuance plans within 18 months.

The UK's EV stock has been growing than its charging infrastructure for several years now

EVs: UK Government floats £950m infrastructure investment and charger mandates for car park operators

The Department for Transport (DfT) has opened consultations on measures designed to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), with new proposals setting out plans for addressing infrastructure gaps.

Kew's Royal Botanic Gardens in London are home to the world's largest living plant collection

Kew Gardens promises increased focus on nature-based climate solutions and biodiversity restoration

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, has outlined plans for expanding research and outreach regarding nature-based climate solutions and efforts to prevent Earth's sixth mass extinction.

Pictured: Ford's new Fiesta design, a hybrid version of the hatchback

Ford confirms $11.4bn investment in electric vehicles

Automaker Ford has unveiled plans to develop two new electric vehicle (EV) battery factories and a "mega campus" for EV research and development, at a total cost of $11.4bn.

At the 2019 General Election, Labour stated it would explore a pre-2050 net-zero target for the UK

Labour Party Conference: Party pledges £28bn annually for climate action if elected

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves used her platform at the Labour Party Conference to outline the Party's plans for £28bn of annual funding to tackle the climate crisis if elected.

Image: The Woodland Trust

'Woodlands for Water' and the 'Northern Forest': Defra confirms multi-million-pound funding for UK forest projects

A £15m Government funding boost has been confirmed for a project aiming to plant 50 million trees between Liverpool and Hull, in the same week that Ministers published plans for 3,000 hectares of new woodlands along waterways.

The bond comes a month after Walmart finalised its internal green finance framework 

Walmart raises $2bn through first green bond

US-based retail giant Walmart has announced the closing of its inaugural green bond issuance, raising $2bn for initiatives that will decrease emissions and resource use, increase resource efficiency and conserve nature.

The first project to benefit is planting 22 million trees across Italy, including in Milan (pictured)

Amazon promises €20m for nature-based climate solutions in Europe

E-commerce giant Amazon has pledged to spend €20m (£17.2m) on nature-based projects across Europe, in a bid to improve carbon sequestration, boost climate resilience and improve biodiversity and wellbeing.

The paper are for the UK government to raise the minimum threshold for Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings required to lease or sell a property

UK's retrofit industry must grow by ten times to play role in reaching net-zero

The UK's retrofitting industry needs to grow by ten times its current size if the UK is to decarbonise its housing stock at a pace suitable for the wider net-zero emissions target, new research has revealed.

Oxfam states that developing nations could miss out on up to £57bn over a six-year period

Wealthy nations still well short of $100bn climate finance promise

Wealthy nations are failing to address a finance gap on the long-standing pledge to mobilise $100bn (£72.5bn) annually to help developing nations adapt to the climate crisis, according to new research from Oxfam which found that up to £57bn may not be delivered across a six-year period.

London's new 'bike library' and a milestone for US renewables: The sustainability success stories of the week

As part of our Mission Possible campaign, edie brings you this weekly round-up of five of the best sustainability success stories of the week from across the globe.

Last year, the City of London Corporation committed to reaching net-zero across its investments and supply chain by 2040

City of London Corporation issues contract to reduce energy costs by £500,000 annually

The City of London Corporation has awarded a contract to Vital Energi to carry out energy-related retrofits of iconic buildings such as the Barbican Centre and Guildhall School of Music and Drama that will save almost £500,000 each year.

Ready to follow in Tideway's footsteps? Entries for the 2022 awards close on 1 October 2021

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With the entry deadline for edie's 2022 Sustainability Leaders Awards approaching, this new feature series showcases the achievements of previous winners and reveals their secrets to success. Up next: the winner of our Building/Infrastructure Project of the Year Award, Tideway Legacy.

Image: Clarion Housing Group, a recipient of a share of the previous £62m round of funding

£160m Government funding boost for improving energy efficiency of social housing

The UK Government has launched a new £160m fund to support social housing providers in making properties more energy efficient.

Pictured: The 400MW Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, off the coast of Sussex

How will the offshore wind sector's expansion affect biodiversity? UK Government launches major research drive

A four-year research programme assessing the potential impact that the UK's offshore wind sector will have on marine ecosystems as it grows has been launched.

104 councils have now pledged their support to the Bill and are encouraging Government officials to pass it into law

Councils throw support behind Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

More than 100 local authorities and councils have publicly backed the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill, which is set to be debated in Parliament next month and calls for the UK to do more to tackle its contribution to the climate crisis.

Image: Wood Group

UK Government issues first 'green transition loan' for business

The UK Government has issued its first state-backed 'green transition loan' for a business, providing engineering and energy consultancy Wood Group support to scale up low-carbon product and service offerings.

The Government claims that together, the four projects could save almost 32 million tonnes of carbon emissions

Government funnels £91m into ultra-fast charging projects and extended-range EVs

Projects that increase the range of electric vehicles (EVs), create batteries that can charge in as little as 12 minutes and hydrogen-powered heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) have all been awarded a share of £91m from the UK Government.

This new series will be running regularly, bringing you the key headlines, statistics and events in the run-up to COP26. Bottom-left image: David Mirzoeff 

COP26 Action Tracker: Nations urged to respond to IPCC report as Cambo oilfield row rolls on

With less than 100 days to go until COP26, this new series from edie will provide a regular temperature check of global climate action from nations and businesses.

Image: Element Energy

Hydrogen buses, rapid response vehicles and forklift trucks bag share of £2.5m Government funding pot

A string of hydrogen transport projects in the Tees Valley region have won a share of a £2.5m Government competition funding pot for research and development.

Projects will focus on marine conservation and tackling plastics pollution in developing countries

UK allocates first round of support from £500m Blue Planet Fund

Global projects focused on protecting oceans and combatting the climate crisis have been awarded a share of the UK's £500m Blue Planet Fund.

Leeds (pictured) has declared a 'climate emergency' and set a 2030 net-zero target, but is supporting airport expansion 

Councils to have declared 'climate emergency' still backing road and airport expansion, BBC finds

A swathe of councils in England have made 'climate emergency' declarations in recent years, but an analysis from the BBC has found that more than one-third are still planning high-carbon infrastructure.

Renewable energy and green offices have accounted for 72% of the bond proceed spending to date

Google owner outlines how it is spending proceeds from world's largest corporate sustainability bond

August 2020 saw Google's parent company Alphabet Inc issuing what it claimed was the largest corporate sustainability bond in history. It has now revealed how it has spent 61% of the $5.75bn (£4.4bn) proceeds.

Last year, local authorities in Cornwall, Buckinghamshire, Greater Manchester, Cumbria and Northumberland were selected to trial Local Nature Recovery Strategies

Government ponders role of nature-based solutions in local recovery strategies

The Government has opened a consultation to gain a better understanding of how nature-based solutions can assist with local strategies to contribute to rewilding and the Environment Bill, as part of a wider move across England to create or restore 500,000 hectares of wildlife habitat.

Part of the funding has been provided by the Government’s £160m Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Support Scheme

Humber region to benefit from £260m offshore wind investment

More than £260m has been granted in Government funding to develop next generation wind turbines in the Humber region, in a move that will support the UK's net-zero vision while creating and safeguarding more than 1,000 green jobs.

The Government previously commissioned an independent review, with a global remit, into quantifying the economic benefits of biodiversity

Multi-million-pound government funding boost for researchers exploring climate and social benefits of trees

Six research projects, assessing the role of woodlands in creating a sustainable future in the UK, have been selected to receive a share of a new £10.5m Government fund.

A decline in wind investments was offset by offerings from renewable energy firms

Renewable energy investments reach new heights for first half of 2021

Investment into clean energy projects and companies swelled to $174bn in the first half of 2021, with record levels of public market financing offsetting a decline in renewable project investments.

The company will work with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to validate efforts to reach net-zero emissions

ArcelorMittal eyes $10bn investment to reduce emissions by 2030

Steel manufacturing giant ArcelorMittal has announced plans to reduce carbon emissions by 25% by 2030 as part of a wider net-zero ambition for 2050, with the new target set to be back by a $10bn investment into low-carbon and circular solutions.

Nature charities have previouly voiced concern over a lack of funding

Conservation and restoration projects secure share of £80m green recovery fund

Almost 100 nature-based projects will receive a share of the Government's £80m Green Recovery Challenge Fund, designed to promote nature restoration and conservation.

The Government’s overarching ambition on EV charging is to ensure that drivers are never more than 30 miles away from a rapid charging point

'Postcode lottery' of charging access and costs undermining UK's EV revolution plans, MPs warn

The UK's 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel car sales is not yet being supported by adequate plans for improving access to electric vehicle (EV) charging or for improving electricity networks, MPs are warning.

Japan's new renewables targets and Leeds' Climate Innovation District: The sustainability success stories of the week

As part of our Mission Possible campaign, edie brings you this weekly round-up of five of the best sustainability success stories of the week from across the globe.

Image: Innovate UK

Innovation Strategy: UK Government bets on nature-based climate solutions and CCUS

Energy and environment technologies have been named as one of seven priority focus areas of the UK's new Innovation Strategy, designed to increase annual public R&D to a record £22bn.

The UK Government has faced criticism due to planned  £27.4bn roads building expansion, with legal cases on climate grounds being issued

Highways England seeks road to net-zero by 2050

Highways England has unveiled plans to reach net-zero across its operations by 2030 as part of a step to deliver net-zero travel across English roads by 2050.

The research warns that agriculture is lagging behind, with just 0.1% of its annual $8trn going into circular initiatives

Circular economy attracting $1.3trn in annual investments, but dwarfed by linear spending models

Governments, investors and corporates collectively funnel more than $1.3trn annually into circular economy initiatives, but this is just a fraction of the money that is currently spent on linear methods of consumption and resource use.

From new plans to decarbonise transport to shifts within the Green Party, it has been a busy week for policy relating to energy and the environment in the UK

Six UK green policy stories you need to know about

The past few days have seen the UK Government making a flurry of announcements on green policy packages and spending pots. Here, edie rounds up the major headlines in brief.

The Plan was originally due out in late 2020 but was delayed amid Covid-19 and, reportedly, calls for more ambitious targets 

'Clarity and confidence for the road ahead': Green economy reacts to Transport Decarbonisation Plan

The UK Government's Transport Decarbonisation Plan is set for publication today (14 July), outlining plans to align all domestic travel and logistics with the national net-zero target. Here, we round up the reaction to this policy package from thought leaders and key organisations across the green economy.

Pictured: Chamberlain Square in Birmingham. Mayor Andy Street is one of the communique's 32 signatories. 

Give UK local authorities new powers to accelerate net-zero transition, Mayors urge Government

More than 30 mayors and council leaders from across the UK have co-signed a new communique urging the Government to grant them additional funding and powers to transition to net-zero across sectors including energy, transport and the built environment.

The new Tracker covers some $25trn of managed and owned assets

Analysis: Two-thirds of UK finance firms have climate targets, but most are failing to shift investments

While most of the UK's biggest banks and asset managers have updated their climate targets in light of net-zero, finance flows are still ultimately favouring high-carbon projects and businesses, according to new analysis of more than 1,200 financial institutions.

Achieving the benefits forecast in the report will require further investment in incentives for learners and employers, as well as changes to schooling

Report: UK green jobs set to be better-paid than roles in high-carbon industries

New jobs created to help drive the UK's transition to net-zero could pay 18% more than the national average salary - and 30% more than the average salary offered by companies in high-emitting sectors.

#SustyTalk: Ashden's Harriet Lamb on scaling international climate finance

edie's #SustyTalk interview series continues with an exclusive discussion with Ashden's chief executive officer, Harriet Lamb, focusing on climate solutions.

Both draft business plans are subject to final approval from regulator Ofgem

Net-zero energy transition: UK Power Networks and Northern Powergrid outline £7.7bn investment plans

Electricity distributors UK Power Networks and Northern Powergrid have outlined business plans backed by £4.5bn and £3.2bn of spending respectively, both with a heavy focus on low-carbon generation and technologies.

Investors for a Just Transition is France-based at present, with an international launch planned at COP26 in November

Investors worth €3.6trn collaborate to promote just transition to net-zero

AXA, Aviva France and Eiffel are among the members of a new coalition of investors convened to promote a just low-carbon transition across Europe. Collectively, members represent €3.6trn of assets under management.

The EAC report also criticises funding cuts to public bodies and calls for the Government to increase Natural England’s multi-year funding

UK's 'poorly mixed cocktail' of policy driving biodiversity decline, MPs warn

The UK is not treating biodiversity loss with the same urgency as the climate crisis, according to a group of MPs that have warned that current Government policies are inadequate to address a sharp decline in nature-based losses.

So far the European Commission has endorsed nine recovery plans from EU countries

Recovery plans fall short of EU green spending goals, campaigners warn

As the European Commission starts endorsing national recovery plans submitted by EU countries, campaigners are growing concerned that the EU executive may not fully enforce the fund's green spending target.

Leeds (pictured) is hosting the new Bank

UK's National Infrastructure Bank launches, with tackling climate change as key objective

The UK's National Infrastructure Bank (NIB) is launching in Leeds today (17 June), with Chancellor Rishi Sunak promising that it will funnel billions of pounds into the UK's net-zero transition.

The UK's 2019 'State of Nature' report revealed that most UK species have declined since the 1970s, with 15% now facing extinction 

UK Government commits to 'nature-positive' future following landmark biodiversity review

Following the publication of the landmark Dasgupta Review, which argued the case for biodiversity considerations to be embedded in all economic decisions by the government, a new commitment for all large infrastructure projects to be 'nature positive' has been made.

Image: Neighbourly 

WRAP: 2020 was record year for food redistribution by UK firms

More than 92,000 tonnes of surplus food was redistributed in the UK last year, marking a 45% year-on-year increase, partly caused by the response to Covid-19.

The TNFD has officially launched today

Can the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures solve the global ecological crisis?

The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) officially launched on Friday (4 June) with an overarching aim to align corporate reporting and financial spending to alleviate nature-related risks. Here, edie explores whether the new initiative can generate enough momentum to deliver tangible change.

Verified methodologies will be developed to ensure investment supports social and environmental improvements

Unilever, Google and Amazon among new Business Alliance to Scale Climate Solutions

Major businesses including Salesforce, Amazon, Netflix, Unilever and Microsoft have formed a new alliance aimed at mobilising funding for scalable climate solutions.

Housing and business buildings are responsible for 78% of the capital’s annual operational emissions

London Mayor Sadiq Khan declares 'retrofit revolution' to slash building emissions

London will soon host a new £3.5m 'centre of excellence' to help social housing providers retrofit their homes, and City Hall has also entered a new partnership deal that could unlock £10bn of private finance to cut building emissions.

The report reveals the extent of strings-free financing to high-emitting sectors, often in misalignment with the Paris Agreement or with banks and investors' own climate commitments

WWF: UK banks and investors financing projects with double nation's climate impact

UK banks and asset managers collectively financed projects emitting 805 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2019 - around twice the UK's annual national carbon footprint.

UK's ultra-rapid EV charging stock to triple with new £300m funding package

The UK's energy networks have jointly pledged a further £300m in funding for low-carbon technologies across 200 projects, including almost 1,800 new ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers.