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January 2001

The denim-conditioning process generates a great deal of lime-rich effluentCarbonate-rich effluent from textile processing had been causing problems at Kedgwick's plant in Yorkshire, but scale formation is now being controlled by an electronic system
While they consider re-structuring, diversification and overseas investment to arrest falling profits, British water companies are vulnerable to international takeovers says Chris Webb
If you were to ask suppliers to the UK water companies "How was 2000 for you?" The chances are you'll be told they spent the year waiting for something to happen. Rather like waiting for a London bus, the expectation is that two or three contracts will come along any time now.
» Environment Agency report on MTBE in groundwater
» Dig deep
» Shifting sands
» Aerial investigation simplifies site analysis
» Highlighting the hidden extras
» Death by 1,000 audits
» Pilkington Glass saves on water bills

January 2000

Work at an ASR site in England.ASR - a technique for storing water in natural aquifers -- is being used throughout the US, with recent schemes using high quality raw water and tertiary treated wastewater. Across the Atlantic, a number of UK water companies are now looking at ASR as an option to meet water supply demand balances.
Nuisance is a high profile issue for the general public, in all its manifestations - from noisy neighbours to malodorous processes and infestations by vermin and pests - where local authorities, and in particular environmental health officers, take the front line role in prevention and regul
Keith Harries, principal hydrogeologist at Halcrow Water, looks at the relative effects of agriculture and wastewater disposal on nitrates in groundwater on the Caribbean island of Barbados.
» Heavy metal, soft rock
» Remediation recycles CO2
» Green issues with a taste of the commercial
» Ozone counters Cryptosporidium in Milwaukee
» Boosting supply for Bangalore
» Reflections on liability
» SPC systems help tanneries meet consents

January 1997

The environmental marketplace has undergone radical change over the past ten years. Paul Gosling of specialist environmental recruitment consultants Allen & York looks at what's in store for the coming year.

January 1992