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January 2017

New policies, accelerated deployment of infrastructure, and digitisation will all play major roles in the UK's escalating air quality battleAs part of edie's innovation month of editorial content, Matt Mace turns the spotlight to air quality, speaking with experts, innovators and incumbents about how innovation and new technology can alleviate spiralling pollution levels across the country.
edie has compiled a list of 10 top tips to change the behaviours of employees when it comes to energy efficiency, based on practical business examplesAligning corporate energy reduction targets with individuals' motivations and behaviours can drive significant savings, but is incredibly difficult. Kicking off edie's engagement month of editorial content, we investigate how energy managers can get the rest of their organisation on board with his o
Fuel-cell vehicles can run up to five times longer than the all-EV counterparts, but the technlogy has struggled to leave an impression among consumers due to cost factorsLow-carbon energy and sustainable transport are becoming evermore intertwined as new green technologies emerge and become more affordable to the masses. But as the sectors move ahead with innovative battery and electrification plans, they could be missing out on a growing fuel cell market, writes Ma
» Sweet success? How the sugar tax will impact Britain's low-carbon commitments

January 2016

A successful materiality assessment allows a business to prioritise its environmental efforts and spend accordingly, helping to maximise return on investment
In the third part of edie's sustainability reporting feature series, we explore how CSR reports can be used to monitor and manage the most important environmental issues affecting your company.
The Internet of Things refers to the wirelss transfer of information between objects or machines2016 will be the year that the Internet of Things market starts to make a profound impact on the world of sustainability, with endless possibilities to slash global emissions through interconnected devices and objects.
Kye Gbangbola offers his top tips for writing a sustainability reportThe concept of developing meaningful, effective and engaging sustainability reports has started to weigh anchor in the business sphere, evolving from a swept-aside entrée to the meaty bulk of fundamental corporate social responsibility.
» From 'zero deforestation' to lasting solutions: Beyond COP21, what is needed to save forests?
» What skills do you need to build a successful career in sustainability?
» Demand response: paving the way for a lower carbon economy
» Circular dreams: Tetra Pak's quest for a resource revolution
» Fifty shades of green: Telling your sustainability story
» 9 green innovations set to take 2016 by storm
» A Better Future: How BT is using ICT to drive behaviour change

January 2013

Leading carpet tile manufacturer Interface is recovering discarded fishing nets and transforming them into new yarn, ticking social inclusion aims along the way. Conor McGlone finds out more
A robot-operated disinfection process is diverting clinical waste from landfill, improving resource efficiency. Nick Warburton reports
Leading carpet tile manufacturer Desso aims to have 100% of its business cradle-to-cradle by 2020 - an ambition which is sparking diversity and innovation along the way, as Maxine Perella finds out
» Why isn't sustainable consumption getting more airtime?
» Sustainable procurement and future-proofing supply chains
» WRAP's 2020 vision for a circular economy
» Moving in with energy efficiency
» Building on sustainable choices
» Cottoning on to better traceability
» Mine your business sustainably

January 2008

A packaged plant offers tailored solutions that can be factory tested and avoids the need for costly and time-consuming on-site engineering, writes Barry Green, sales director of Gee & Company
Organisations have a legal requirement to protect their employees from hazardous substances such as dust and fumes, and should carry out air sampling to address this. Gary Noakes outlines the various methods available
A director of a company involved in the British biofuel sector has hit back at Westminster's criticism of the fuel's environmental performance, saying MPs have got the wrong end of the stick.
» Testing times for technical competence
» Ealing picks up plastics
» Raising the septic standard
» Separators stem tide of unseen pollution
» Medical equipment gets thorough physical
» Euro 5 RCVs hit the road
» Anglian repair challenges partners