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January 2017

Energy efficiency: What does it take to change behaviours?

Aligning corporate energy reduction targets with individuals' motivations and behaviours can drive significant savings, but is incredibly difficult. Kicking off edie's engagement month of editorial content, we investigate how energy managers can get the rest of their organisation on board with his o

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How innovation can provide a breath of fresh air for the UK's pollution woes

As part of edie's innovation month of editorial content, Matt Mace turns the spotlight to air quality, speaking with experts, innovators and incumbents about how innovation and new technology can alleviate spiralling pollution levels across the country.

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Fuel for thought: Will 2017 be the year of the zero-emission fuel-cell vehicle?

Low-carbon energy and sustainable transport are becoming evermore intertwined as new green technologies emerge and become more affordable to the masses. But as the sectors move ahead with innovative battery and electrification plans, they could be missing out on a growing fuel cell market, writes Ma

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· Sweet success? How the sugar tax will impact Britain's low-carbon commitments

January 2016

Demand response: paving the way for a lower carbon economy

As the gap between supply and demand of energy in the UK becomes ever narrower, Alastair Martin, chief strategy officer of 'demand response' company Flextricity, highlights the role of business in developing a robust, reliable demand side response (DSR) mechanism to fill in for failing power station

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Sustainability reporting: 10 secrets to success

The concept of developing meaningful, effective and engaging sustainability reports has started to weigh anchor in the business sphere, evolving from a swept-aside entrée to the meaty bulk of fundamental corporate social responsibility.

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9 green innovations set to take 2016 by storm

As thousands of new gadgets vie for attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, edie profiles nine of the most exciting cleantech innovations that could be poised to take off in 2016.

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· How the Internet of Things is transforming sustainability

· Fifty shades of green: Telling your sustainability story

· From 'zero deforestation' to lasting solutions: Beyond COP21, what is needed to save forests?

· Circular dreams: Tetra Pak's quest for a resource revolution

· A Better Future: How BT is using ICT to drive behaviour change

· What skills do you need to build a successful career in sustainability?

· Timeline: Barack Obama's global climate legacy

January 2013

Mine your business sustainably

Extracting natural resources from the earth is not a sustainable activity but some mining companies are now seeing the business case for ensuring their operations are efficient, finds Leigh Stringer

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Why isn't sustainable consumption getting more airtime?

There is significant opportunity for TV to help drive forward one vital issue on the sustainability agenda - that of food waste. Dean Pearce explains why

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Council food waste an undervalued resource

Many local authorities recognise the resource potential of household food waste but more support from Government is needed to sustain council projects, argues Charlotte Morton

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· Moving in with energy efficiency

· Interface nets material gains by closing the loop

· Robots drive resource efficiency in clinical waste

· Putting its stamp on sustainability

· Boarding a fuel efficient future

· New year brings new energy efficiency rules

· Building on sustainable choices

January 2008

Euro 5 RCVs hit the road

Teignbridge council in Devon has become the first local authority to deploy an RCV fleet with the latest Euro 5 emissions-compliant engines

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Ealing picks up plastics

Ealing council has spent £1.7M on 14 new recycling vehicles, which have enabled the simultaneous collection of mixed plastic and garden waste

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Every pound counts

There are a wealth of opportunities for businesses to improve their bottom lines through good environmental practice. And the incentives, and penalties, are significant, writes Mark Simpson.

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· Hopes for the future

· Putting your house in order at the kerbside

· Perco applies pressure to CIPP

· Carbon accounting: The new bottom line

· Make sure you sample first to clear the air

· Testing times for technical competence

· Medical equipment gets thorough physical