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February 2007

Rainwater harvesting is at the forefront of the sustainability debate. Dean Stiles reports on what is said to be a market which is doubling every year for domestic and commercial uses
A case which had to be dropped due to a technical error has nevertheless brought to the fore the problem of a lack of communciation between the UK's planners and environmental regulators.
He's been environment minister for less than a year, but David Miliband has a clear vision for the environmental performance of business
» Mil-tek aids Plymouth
» Your legal queries answered
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary
» Future skills: where now?
» UK planning system contains EIA loophole
» Mitsubishi helps build Fortress
» Skip firm loses weight, but gains pounds

February 2006

Bottled water looks set to defy Darwin's law, writes Barrie Clarke. From its original target - young women - the market has evolved to include children and a 'measure of urban distinction'
With the Environment Agency's A Better Place? report still in mind, Brian Millsom looks at environmental and procurement interactions
The importance of water as a driver of economic growth and elimination of poverty will be the central topic when some 130 government ministers and more than 25,000 delegates gather in Mexico for the 4th World Water Forum in March. Toni Sittoni, communications specialist of the World Bank's Water and
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (February 06)
» Contaminated Land: Lacking guidance for councils and questionable intervention levels are raising tensions
» Water efficiency is key in California
» Leakage-driven mains renewal
» The Environment Business Interview - Sustained Success
» Landfill standards rise across EU
» Grand designs

February 2003

Kodak Polychrome Graphics, a manufacturer and distributor of graphics arts materials for the printing industry will make savings of £150,000 over the next two years. This follows a wide-ranging waste and water minimisation audit carried out as an added value service by Yorkshire Water. A team from t
Environment and technology strategy manager at OSS Group, Paul Ramsden, offers an update on the current waste management legislation situation, as well as the likely changes to existing legislation.
Waste brokerage can provide a valuable link in the waste management chain, bringing together producers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Jason Rayfield spoke to Roger Withinshaw and Tim Garrett of Outsource Site Services about playing their part in the burgeoning business of waste disposal.
» A stable solution for turbulent times
» Sludge reuse: the time is now
» The wild winds of change
» Leakage, a capital offense
» Waste not but want more?
» A statement of good intent?
» Treading the middle ground

February 1998

Vermistabilisation is the use of earthworms to treat sewage sludges. Dr Piers Clark of WS Atkins Water explains how vermistabilisation, with its low capital cost and relatively simple operation, may represent the ideal solution to some rural UK sites, where raw sewage has traditionally been dispo
The ciculating fluidised bed combustor is a hybrid that is capable of burning a wide range of waste materials In part two of our seven-part Waste to Energy series, Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davies of consultancy Environmental Development Technology explore the basics of burning waste with a look at current and future developments in firing systems.