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February 2008

Green route to developing Africa

Many assume that multinationals investing in developing countries abandon their environmental principals in the quest for a fast buck. But, on a recent trip to East Africa, Tom Idle was surprised to find cement giant Lafarge is going to extraordinary lengths to apply green principals in this dynamic

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Fixed charge bills worsening fuel poverty

Fixed charge fuel bills are causing hardship for thousands of people living in council and social housing and should be scrapped, according to energy expert Jayne Clare.

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Regulatory cycle is out of step

The five year regulatory cycle is failing the water industry and its customers, writes Chris Hoggart, chair of the EIC's Water Pollution Control Group - which is lobbying the government for change

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· The boom and bust effect

· Give offsetting some credit

· Optimisation saves energy

· Banking on bring sites to boost paper trails

· Wetlands experts debate impact of flooding on biodiversity

· Autoclaving goes commercial in Yorkshire

· Comment: So what exactly is sustainability?

February 2007

Shredtec invests £1M in PVC plant capacity

One of the UK's largest volume post-consumer PVC recyclers, Shredtec Recyclers is to invest up to £1M to expand its Oldham site's PVC processing capacity.

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Bodged case highlights lack of communication

A case which had to be dropped due to a technical error has nevertheless brought to the fore the problem of a lack of communciation between the UK's planners and environmental regulators.

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The positive power of battery recycling in the UK

In the UK we dispose of over 600 million batteries to landfill every year, a statistic that government is keen to see greatly reduced through the development and introduction of easier and more environmentally sound methods of dealing with waste batteries. Chris Davey, manager for local authority re

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· Mil-tek aids Plymouth

· Ireland must do more to protect wildlife

· A beacon project

· Unpopular birds species must be protected too, Europe rules

· Producer beware

· The sky's the limit

· Moovmor baler bulks up for easy transport

February 2004

On-line effluent monitoring savings

Mike Pearce of Envitech explores the financial importance of on-line effluent monitoring techniques in food and drink processing applications.

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Getting in on the energy act

Tim Ashmore, energy services manager at London Energy, looks at ways in which UK industry can address the challenges of the Climate Change Levy and CO2 reduction, and achieve energy efficiency in a cost-effective way.

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Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, reports on the challenges facing the capital in meeting air quality targets.

London is a vast and rapidly growing city. Large parts of the capital are highly built up with office blocks and high-rise residential developments. This intensive use of land, together with emissions from buildings and transport means that air pollution is high in many areas and exceeds the Governm

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· Turning risk into reward

· Environmental factors influence van selection

· Transport and RCVs opt for sustainable solutions

· Mini artic fleet aids Stirling's recycling drive

· Dennis Eagle nets wide range of orders

· Overcoming rates of leakage rise

· Shaping up for the future

February 1999

DTA downstream demonstration

The Direct Toxicity Assessment (DTA) Demonstration Programme, a collaborative R&D project involving regulators and regulated industry to assess methods and practicalities of ecotoxicological assessment based on ecological quality rather than just chemical criteria, has been undergoing trial in the U

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Environmental information put to the TESS

TESS (The Environmental Skills Store) is a partnership between ECUS (Environmental Consultancy, University of Sheffield) and Pixel Fountain, providing a new integrated approach to environmental information, knowledge and training provision.

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Going underground

There is increasing evidence that groundwater, which provides around 35% of the nation's drinking water, is polluted beneath a large number of industrialised areas. (In the Birmingham and Coventry areas alone, over 80% of boreholes sampled showed evidence of pollution of trichloroethylene, a solvent

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· Massive savings achieved in joint project

· SWIG w&wt s&a q&a

· PM measurement spurs monitor development


· Comply with me...

· Monitoring of VOC Emissions keeps industry on the right side of the law.