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February 2008

Turbidity monitors are contributing to high-accuracy flocculant dosing at a Devon landfill site above a haven for aquatic wildlife
A commercial-scale autoclave and recycling plant will be up and running shortly, offering an attractive treatment option for local authorities. Dean Stiles reports
Consulting engineers Silcock Dawson look at how to boost energy efficiency in garden centres
» Waste and climate change put under microscope
» Comment - make tap water the norm in pubs and restaurants
» Greenstar shows Irish flare in gas analysis
» Correct initial specification can avoid costly clean-up
» Upgrade copes with growing town
» Getting smart with leachate distribution
» Regulatory cycle is out of step

February 2007

Materials recovery facilities (MRFs) should develop as "value factories" to ensure that recovered materials achieve their maximum value, according to a report from the Waste Resources & Action Programme (WRAP).
Britain is failing to adequately collect and treat waste water from 13 of its towns, courts found this month.
Not-for-profit community recycling organisation Creation Recycling in South Yorkshire has benefited from improved reliability of its steel recycling operations after installing new equipment from Corus Steel Packaging Recycling (CSPR).
» Future skills: where now?
» How to make rainwater management work
» Kerbside organics easy mover
» Capital investment
» Securing your data
» 'Every industry should be an environmental one'
» Skip firm loses weight, but gains pounds

February 2004

Joe Morris of Cranfield University and Louisa Rix, an independent consultant, summarise the key features of IPPC, sources of information and the issues facing environmental managers as they prepare their permit applications.
Fergus O Brien of Atkins Water looks at use of illegally taken water
"We will chase quality business in order to make our existing customer base more profitable in 2004," said Dr Jürgen Knorpp, Chief Executive at MAN ERF UK Ltd, previewing the major truck manufacturer's dsisplay at CV 2004.
» Hazardous waste: the way forward
» Technically speaking
» Renewable energy makes powerful progress
» Onyx Environmental invests in waste handling nationwide
» Steps to speed up sludge testing
» Whale Tankers unveils innovation at NEC
» Getting in on the energy act

February 1999

The Direct Toxicity Assessment (DTA) Demonstration Programme, a collaborative R&D project involving regulators and regulated industry to assess methods and practicalities of ecotoxicological assessment based on ecological quality rather than just chemical criteria, has been undergoing trial in the U
Servomex Xentra 4900 environmental gas analyser Leading UK specialist in gas analysis, Servomex Group, which has featured in the Government White Paper, “Our Competitive Future: Building the Knowledge Driven Economy,” as an example of best practice in British industry, explains in this month’s Air Quality: Stack and Process Emissions feature,
TEOM Series 7000 Schematic Recent epidemiological health studies have implicated PM as one of the critical air pollutants affecting public health. This has lead to stringent world-wide PM regulations and objectives. With this comes the need to better identify and control PM emissions from stationary and other sources.
» SWIG w&wt s&a q&a
» Massive savings achieved in joint project
» Environmental information put to the TESS
» Going underground
» Comply with me...