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March 2002

Figs 1 & 2Simon Gare of Ecolochem International examines potential causes of reduced performance from RO systems, methods of pre-treatment and factors upon which they are dependant
A number of projects within the Natural Environment Research Council's URGENT programme are concerned with the chemical reactions that occur between pollutants and the natural components of urban air, and with developing models that will enable better management of air quality. Mike Welch,
The EU Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive will require producers to take back end of life products and either recycle or reuse them or their constituent materials. The scope of this directive includes the majority of electrical and electronic equi
» Rail freight and water transport offer 'Best Value' options
» Rubber stamp for Zeon effluent upgrade
» Technically speaking
» Landfill operators get in shape to meet deadline for site Conditioning plans
» SEA and easy
» Slave to the standard
» Specialists target waste management operations

March 2001

Hickson & Welch specialise in difficult chemistry, producing multipurpose fine organic chemical intermediates in a variety of multistage chemical reactions. These include nitrations, chlorinations, hydrogenation, phosgenation and similar types of complex reactions in 16 chemical production facilitie
It’s a sad fact the that the first two months of the 21st Century have not heralded a new dawn, but have ushered in stormy weather - both literally and metaphorically. Shifting land masses have brought death and destruction in Gujarat and El Salvador. Mozambique is once again struggling for survival
The application of advanced control technologies to mitigate odorous emissions has been limited, largely because odour has not been regarded as a major environmental hazard or health risk. However, as the public easily identifies odours, many perceive a risk to exist. Martin Key and Mohit Uberoi of
» Climate Change Levy: are you ready for lift-off?
» Just deserts
» Fume abatement galvanised
» Emissions trading: the implications for industry
» PM10 monitoring for industrial sites

March 1998

Wastewater contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) is a common environmental problem. Most PAHs are slightly soluble in water and form small particles. This shows that removal by filtration should be possible. After bench scale testing, Tebodin

March 1993