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March 2002

Better RO results lie in design

Figs 1 & 2

Simon Gare of Ecolochem International examines potential causes of reduced performance from RO systems, methods of pre-treatment and factors upon which they are dependant

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Specialists target waste management operations

The Commercial Vehicle Show 2000, being held from 30 April - 2 May, 2002, at the NEC, Birmingham, offers visitors the change to see the latest in vehicle technology. This selective LAWE Focus feature previews exhibitors with products employed in the waste management and environmental market

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Rubber stamp for Zeon effluent upgrade

ACWa Services Ltd has been awarded a £1.2m turnkey design and build contract from latex manufacturer Zeon Chemicals Europe Ltd to extend the company's effluent treatment system at Sully, South Wales. ACWa's site treatability study demonstrated that a 50-60 per cent reduction in the Ch

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· Light cast on energy savings

· Missing piece in data jigsaw

· Hazardous waste banished to the salt mines

· Policy makers step on the gas with plans to charge road users on congested highways

· Rail freight and water transport offer 'Best Value' options

· Satellite-linked system maximises site life

· Air on a shoe string

March 2001

Just deserts

Over the course of the next decade, the United Arab Emirates alone will invest some $46bn in projects related to the environment. The Abu Dhabi Declaration - a framework for sustainable use of resources in the Arab region in the 21st century - was last month endorsed by the Conference of Arab Enviro

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PM10 monitoring for industrial sites

Monitoring on-site

As today's regulations on dust are getting stronger due to the UK Air Quality Strategy moving into the latter stages of review, industrial sites are under more and more pressure to carry out real time dust measurements.

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Fume abatement galvanised

Working with local Environment Agency officers, Scaffolding manufacturer SGB Manufacturing required a solution for the efficient filtering of white clouds of fine fume generated when components are dipped during a hot dip galvanising process. MikroPul Ltd worked in partnership with SGB to develop a

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· For whom the smell tolls

· Emissions trading: the implications for industry

· Carbon cuts chemical release

· Climate Change Levy: are you ready for lift-off?

· Sharing expertise in an increasingly unstable world

March 1998

PAH removal by microfiltration

Wastewater contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) is a common environmental problem. Most PAHs are slightly soluble in water and form small particles. This shows that removal by filtration should be possible. After bench scale testing, Tebodin

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March 1993