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March 2005

Achieving high standards of management is a priority across the environmental and waste management sectors, in both the public and private arenas. Local authorities and commercial businesses keep a wary eye on their perceived image, often reflected in how they rate in terms of attaining ISO cer
ISO 14001 has been revised. This has stimulated supporters and critics of the environmental management system standard to comment extensively on the revision, and for the debate on the benefits of implementing the standard to be resurrected. BSI Management Systems Global Marketing Manager for Sustai
Environmental Biotech is working with Anglian Water to rid Essex pumping stations of fat, oil and grease contamination problems
» Reed bed research offers wastewater solution
» Delivering advantage
» Case Study: Epson
» Onyx Group opts for BMI ejector trailers
» After the gates closed
» Burgeoning demand for flowmeter calibration in China
» Education spin-off from Indian RWH

March 2004

Rory Sullivan, director of investor responsibility with Insight Investment, defines the place for self-regulation in the modern regulatory toolkit
Peter McCrum investigates a land remediation project that has brought a heavily-polluted site back into productive use as housing
Rob Bell talks to Caroline Jackson MEP about her role as chairman of the European Parliament's environment committee, EC legislation and the tribulations of British business
» Landfill shake-up offers scope for 'step change'
» Detailing new deliveries
» ISO 14001 Success Across Thales UK
» Integrated plant follows recipe for success
» The insurability of ecological damage
» Spinning disc spray aids environmental control
» Technically speaking

March 2001

Over the course of the next decade, the United Arab Emirates alone will invest some $46bn in projects related to the environment. The Abu Dhabi Declaration - a framework for sustainable use of resources in the Arab region in the 21st century - was last month endorsed by the Conference of Arab Enviro
One simple way for companies to save energy is to switch off computer monitors at the end of the day, according to the DETRAverage global temperatures are rising, as are sea levels; habitats are changing, and vulnerable species are being lost, and it’s all due to a group of gases that are turning Planet Earth into a greenhouse. In the UK, where climate change is causing warmer winters, and a wett
It’s a sad fact the that the first two months of the 21st Century have not heralded a new dawn, but have ushered in stormy weather - both literally and metaphorically. Shifting land masses have brought death and destruction in Gujarat and El Salvador. Mozambique is once again struggling for survival
» For whom the smell tolls
» Carbon cuts chemical release
» Fume abatement galvanised
» Emissions trading: the implications for industry
» PM10 monitoring for industrial sites

March 1996