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March 2005

Amending the regs

Elaine Coles, head of research at IMS Group, asks whether the revised building regulations will deliver energy efficiency

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Bio-diesel fuels environmentally positive transport route

As more and more leading organisations recognise the increased importance of sound ethical and environmental practices, Green Routes, based in Winnington, Cheshire, lays claim to be the first company in the country to offer a dedicated bio-fuelled transport solution.

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Education spin-off from Indian RWH

As Delhi hosts national Mass Awareness Week on Rainwater Harvesting for India (see News), Dr Rolf Leutert, president of the philanthropic Bicentenary Foundation at Georg Fischer AG, explains how RWH projects are not only improving clean water provision in some villages but improving literacy rates a

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· Portable MBR technology extends leachate treatment options

· Reed bed research offers wastewater solution

· Case Study: Unilever

· Improving storage facility quality

· What does the UK's sustainable office of the future look like?

· High performance standards boost accreditation

· After the gates closed

March 2004

Greening business: EMS and the 21st century company

The greening of business ranks high on the list of corporate responsibilities in the 21st century - the global environmental technology and services sector is now worth more than £300 billion. Most people agree with the concept of environmental management. Companies that operate EMS make better use

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The insurability of ecological damage

Jürgen Busenhart, underwriting expert with insurer Swiss Re, explains the issues surrounding liability in environmental insurance

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The Landfill Directive - is it the end of

The Landfill Directive and other recently introduced legislation and regulation have major implications for the regeneration of contaminated land and the operation of landfill sites, both themes that feature at this year's ICU exhibition and conference at the NEC. Complementing LAWE's special previe

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· Separating the fact from fiction

· Landfill shake-up offers scope for 'step change'

· Remediation assessed at landmark BBC 'Restoration' site

· Taking the measure of landfill borehole gas flows

· Integrated plant follows recipe for success

· Specialist cleans up at £18m urban regeneration site

· Sustainable engineering

March 2001

Climate Change Levy: are you ready for lift-off?

Average global temperatures are rising, as are sea levels; habitats are changing, and vulnerable species are being lost, and it’s all due to a group of gases that are turning Planet Earth into a greenhouse. In the UK, where climate change is causing warmer winters, and a wett

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For whom the smell tolls

The application of advanced control technologies to mitigate odorous emissions has been limited, largely because odour has not been regarded as a major environmental hazard or health risk. However, as the public easily identifies odours, many perceive a risk to exist. Martin Key and Mohit Uberoi of

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Carbon cuts chemical release

Hickson & Welch specialise in difficult chemistry, producing multipurpose fine organic chemical intermediates in a variety of multistage chemical reactions. These include nitrations, chlorinations, hydrogenation, phosgenation and similar types of complex reactions in 16 chemical production facilitie

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· Sharing expertise in an increasingly unstable world

· PM10 monitoring for industrial sites

· Fume abatement galvanised

· Just deserts

· Emissions trading: the implications for industry

March 1996