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March 2009

Leaders: Waitrose - Top of the Food Chain

The concept of sustainability is nothing new to Waitrose supermarkets. Despite the economy, it is building and refurbishing stores but, writes Tom Idle, it has substantially reduced its emissions relative to its sales - and is on target for a 10% carbon cut by next year

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Man-made trigger likely for China quake

Researchers investigating the cause of the devastating earthquake that shook China's Sichuan Province last May believe it may have been a man-made disaster.

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Take up BAT to stay in the game

Tony Hoyle has this wake-up call for the industry: This is no time to CATNAP (using cheapest available techniques narrowly avoiding prosecution) but rather time to go in to BAT (best available techniques) in order to cut emissions and save money.

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· Pyrolysis plant gets the green light in Wales

· Diversity is firm's strength

· Ros Roca taps into Dennis Eagle to fuel AD voyage

· Missing links - footprinting along the supply chain

· Sims goes large with WEEE

· Food waste set to spark biological boom?

· GIS addressed problem

March 2008

Southern handles its liquor with Partech

Handling mixed liquor had been causing problems for a water treatment works in Sussex, so Southern Water installed eight Partech monitors.

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Edie Environmental Legislation Summary March 2008

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. This month sees industry preparing for Site Waste Management Plans, amendment of regu

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Stormwater solved

Stormwater run-off has been underestimated as a source of pollutants - and it is not just water companies who are responsible for river water quality. As the Water Framework Directive requires a more integrated approach, Chris Williams of Hydro International discusses a new low-cost solution to sedi

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· Chlorine on demand

· Croydon spends big to up recycling rates

· Anglian throws down climate change gauntlet to suppliers

· DAF comes up trumps for trade waste

· 'We are a sector of problem solvers'

· How the budget will impact on environmental sector

· Appeal judgement gives lift to 'piggybacking' landfills

March 2005

A fresh approach

David Powley of DNV Certification asks what it takes to narrow the credibility gap associated with ISO 14001 certification

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Treatment plants meet EU incineration standards

New EU waste incineration directives are driving Yorkshire Water's plans to build four effluent treatment plants for sewage sludge incineration in the North East of England. Peter Ripley, managing director of ACWa Services in the UK describes the project and the process.

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Burgeoning demand for flowmeter calibration in China

China's economic transformation has resulted in a dramatic increase in the demand for industrial equipment. Bryan Franklin, flow products manager at ABB in the UK, explains how the company is investing in new facilities in China to meet the demand for accurately calibrated flowmeters.

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· Bridging the gap in the market

· Affordable remote monitoring set for take off

· Case Study: BT

· The LATS myth

· Environmental Management Systems: from burden to opportunity

· Improving storage facility quality

· Education spin-off from Indian RWH

March 2000

In with the old

Activated carbon is defined as a microporous adsorbent made from a carbonaceous material. Simply put, it appears solid, but is actually a network of inter-linked fissures and pores with an extremely high internal surface area - around 1,000m2/g. Camfil's Dr Chris Ecob puts carbon - an old material w

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Reliability fears for buried meters

It is much cheaper to bury electromagnetic flowmeters than install them in meter pits. But if things go wrong costs go up, and some water companies are experiencing more problems than they anticipated.

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Plenty of muck ­ but is there enough brass?

Safety and cost-minimisation were central issues at this year’s IBC conference on Sewage Sludge; Disposal, Treatment and Use. Peter Minting reports.

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· Thames still banking on Abingdon reservoir

· Greenwich Peninsula regeneration

· Strategic fleet management meets waste industry challenges

· Lean time no bad thing for engineers

· Brazilian privatisation moves up a gear

· Bangkok's multi-storey sewage solution

· One for you, 19 for me