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March 2009

Grand Designs: Building in the Human Factor

University Campus Suffolk has opened the doors to its bold new building on the regenerated waterfront in Ipswich. Tom Idle talks its project director, Peter Williams, who says that a building can never truly be called sustainable until people are using it

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Sims goes large with WEEE

Sims has just opened a giant WEEE facility in South Wales - boasting a capacity of 100,000 tonnes, it claims to be the largest of its kind in the world

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Pyrolysis plant gets the green light in Wales

A Bridgend pilot project which is generating clean energy from municipal waste is about to be transformed into a £25M commercial operation, due to open in 2010

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· Food waste set to spark biological boom?

· Taking Steps The Right Way: A brief history of carbon footprinting

· GIS addressed problem

· Analysis: Conservative Party report: The Low Carbon Economy

· UK Water - A Time Of Change

· Missing links - footprinting along the supply chain

· Controlling risk where there's compost

March 2008

Pace quickens on road to metering

Whichever way you look at it, meters have a key role to play in the water supply in England and Wales. Andy Godley of WRc weighs up the pros and cons

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An unhealthy scepticism

Those who scaremonger on the costs of fighting climate change are not just jeopardising the environment, they are in fact ignoring a raft of financial opportunities, writes Merlin Hyman, director of the Environmental Industries Commission

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Competition comes to Scotland

The starting date may be April 1 but it is no joke - water deregulation is coming to Scotland. Claire Smith reports

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· Things we all take for granted

· How biowaste can bolster the soil

· Steer clear of illegal deposits with number plate recognition

· Some change, please

· Anglian throws down climate change gauntlet to suppliers

· Rising energy prices could make microgeneration viable

· Dorset resort raises standards

March 2005

Making the small business case for EMS implementation.

Richard Martin, project manager of NetRegs examines the benefits for small business from EMS and argues that government's should boost uptake.

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Case Study: BT

Through a better use of technology, BT has managed to reduce travel and therefore transport emissions, increase productivity, and save space and energy in the office.

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Improving storage facility quality

O Parry, D Wild, A Blackbourn and C Bayes of Yorkshire Water Services investigate the utility's commitment to providing better storage units to maintain water quality standards

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· A fresh approach

· Lean machine

· Hounslow keys in to fuel management and depot security

· Reed bed research offers wastewater solution

· Technically speaking

· AccountAbility 1000 - Accountability for sustainable development

· Case Study: Carillion

March 2000

Greenwich Peninsula regeneration

The Millennium Dome, as the flagship development on a massive regenerated site on the Greenwich Peninsula, symbolises not only the new era but also the vast potential that the remediation of brownfield sites can offer, as a new Government study spells out

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Lean time no bad thing for engineers

With AMP3 leading water companies to cut engineering budgets and seek more cost-effective plants, Biwater Engineering services believes success will be a matter of attitude.

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Strategic fleet management meets waste industry challenges

Expanding waste management group, Waste Recycling Group (WRG) aims to maximise efficiency over a range of waste and landfill sites by "cascading" mobile plant to maximise return on investment.

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· Renewable enthusiasm

· Thames still banking on Abingdon reservoir

· Low energy zero sludge system

· Reliability fears for buried meters

· Plenty of muck ­ but is there enough brass?

· Making sense of smell

· Brazilian privatisation moves up a gear