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March 2009

Turning your footprinting information into carbon-cutting action is no mean feat. John Mayhew gives advice on the key points, and discusses how to strike a balance between cost and accuracy
University Campus Suffolk has opened the doors to its bold new building on the regenerated waterfront in Ipswich. Tom Idle talks its project director, Peter Williams, who says that a building can never truly be called sustainable until people are using it
Defra's chief scientist is a man that Al Gore has turned to with questions on climate change. And he even used to work for NASA, after he challenged the way it managed science. Erik Jaques met up with one of the most influential environmental thinkers - for what was originally scheduled to be a 20-m
» Four-layer filter delivers savings
» In search of the one-litre drop
» Ros Roca taps into Dennis Eagle to fuel AD voyage
» Leaders: Waitrose - Top of the Food Chain
» Taking Steps The Right Way: A brief history of carbon footprinting
» GIS addressed problem
» Food waste set to spark biological boom?

March 2008

An ambitious project has just gone live in Tyne & Wear, where commercial and municipal waste diversion technologies will sit side by side for a more integrated solution. Dean Stiles reports
Those who scaremonger on the costs of fighting climate change are not just jeopardising the environment, they are in fact ignoring a raft of financial opportunities, writes Merlin Hyman, director of the Environmental Industries Commission
Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. This month the courts look into an EIA for a Belgian freight airport, gave the thumbs up to French laws restricting the import of pesticides and th
» Rising to the cardboard composting challenge
» Location, location, location: mapping out the best way
» Pace quickens on road to metering
» What about this lot?
» 'We are a sector of problem solvers'
» Mobile connections at the touch of a button
» Leading the way on leachate

March 2005

Through a better use of technology, BT has managed to reduce travel and therefore transport emissions, increase productivity, and save space and energy in the office.
David Powley of DNV Certification asks what it takes to narrow the credibility gap associated with ISO 14001 certification
Irrigation equipment in a developing plantation. Photo WrcThe Kyoto Protocol on energy consumption and the EU Water Framework Directive on water pollution are driving a new EU LIFE Environment funded research project which aims to bring the concept of tertiary wastewater treatment, using renewable bioenergy, closer to commercial application. Alex Hutchinso
» Decreasing the grease
» Wising up to reality of SCP
» Hounslow keys in to fuel management and depot security
» Bridging the gap in the market
» Case Study: Carillion
» Making the small business case for EMS implementation.
» Amending the regs

March 2000

Installing Grundfos wastewater pumpsGrundfos is to pump sewage and stormwater from Ørestad, a new town in the Copenhagen suburbs.
Spending on basic sanitation is a top priority in many parts of BrazilThe imminent sale of two state-owned water and sewerage companies could speed up the privatisation process in Brazil says freelance journalist John Kolodziejski.
ITT Flygt is redefining propeller pumps, transforming them into all-purpose pumps that can handle the tough task of pumping sewage.
» Low energy zero sludge system
» Site specific in-situ bioremediation
» Bangkok's multi-storey sewage solution
» Plenty of muck ­ but is there enough brass?
» Vehicle builders in major moves
» Renewable enthusiasm
» AMR systems score high in northern US