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March 2017

Circular Economy Package: Everything you need to know

In light of the European Parliament's decision to reinforce more ambitious recycling targets within the long-awaited Circular Economy Package, edie takes a detailed look at how the proposed measures could affect businesses, especially in light of the UK's imminent departure from the European Union (

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Sustainability megatrends: technological innovations for the earth

Continuing edie's series of thought-leadership articles on the global impact of megatrends, PwC's sustainability and climate Change partner Celine Herweijer explores how green innovations and technological breakthroughs are driving the fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Sustainability megatrends: It's time for business to collaborate on climate change

Continuing edie's new megatrends series of thought-leadership articles on the global impact of megatrends, World Resources Institute's Eliot Metzger and Moushumi Chaudhury explore how businesses are dealing with the widespread effects of climate change.

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· Sustainability megatrends: The unstoppable force of technology and innovation

· Wake up and smell the coffee: our shared responsibility to manage food and drink packaging waste

· Inside Heathrow 2.0: a flight path towards true sustainability leadership

· Thinking circular: applying an effective closed-loop model

March 2016

Cleantech innovation: Navigating the minefield of investment

Innovation holds the key to unlock the global green industrial revolution. But how easy is it for low-carbon entrepreneurs and cleantech start-ups to secure vital funding and ultimately achieve commercial success? In this new feature mini-series, we explore the risks and opportunities surrounding gr

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The importance of measuring and evaluating your CSR impact

Taco Terheijden, director of cocoa sustainability at global chocolate supplier Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, explains the new approach the organisation is taking to monitor, measure and evaluation its wide-ranging sustainability strategy.

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ESOS: what have we learned about the energy efficiency opportunities?

With the extended grace period for compliance with the Government's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) coming to an end, David Tobin, energy consultant at the Carbon Trust, provides an insight into the environmental and financial benefits that the Scheme offers to businesses across a variety o

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· University challenge: How behaviour change can unite staff and students on sustainability

· No breaks for Nestlé in its relentless pursuit of global supply chain sustainability

March 2013

The emergence of Industrial Biotechnology

Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, announced in January £35M of funding for research into Industrial Biotechnology (IB) and Bioenergy. This was a firm recognition that IB has huge potential for British businesses and will play an important part in creating a more sustainabl

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Is the Chancellor's Budget end of the road for a sustainable economy?

Yesterday's budget provided little assurance to the green sector after the Chancellor announced further cuts to the Department of Energy and Climate Change's (DECC) spending and increased support for the exploration of shale gas, Leigh Stringer reports.

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Scottish councils hold keys to resource efficiency

The year ahead promises radical change for Scotland's waste management industry and local authorities will be major facilitators, says Iain Gulland

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· Sustainability: a guide to substance over style

· Local resource: keeping waste in the neighbourhood

· Achieving sustainability through financial rigour

· Lambeth walks towards zero waste

· Has Defra delivered a guiding light on EfW?

· Scotland's zero waste challenge set to tax councils

· Dear Chancellor, don't dismiss resource security

March 2008

Premier's monumental move for diversion

An ambitious project has just gone live in Tyne & Wear, where commercial and municipal waste diversion technologies will sit side by side for a more integrated solution. Dean Stiles reports

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Material gains

The 2016 carbon-neutral challenge set by the government is a significant one for business. But, with the public becoming increasingly aware of sustainability issues, it is also a financial opportunity for construction firms, merchants and manufacturers, writes Kevin Stanley

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Architects gear up for broader challenge

The built environment accounts for nearly half of the UK's carbon emissions - yet we need three million more homes by 2020. Mark Lupton looks at the widening role of the architect in a sector that is becoming increasingly complex

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· Leading the way on leachate

· Ready, steady BUILD

· Chlorine on demand

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary March 2008

· Mobile connections at the touch of a button

· How the budget will impact on environmental sector

· How biowaste can bolster the soil