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April 2003

Learning to cope with change

Tackling water-borne substances which can affect hormonal balance

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Cleaning up for the future

The SAFEGROUNDS Learning Network aims to encourage good practice in the health, safety and environmental aspects of managing contaminated land on civil nuclear sites and defence sites.

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Calling in the effluent experts

Process Engineer at Atkins Water, Fred Gould, discusses the benefits of using an integrated and inclusive approach to dealing with industrial wastewater.

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· Biotechnology shows its liquid assets

· No decision reached on energy tax

· Predictions made more realistic

· Driving forward land remediation

· Are you responsible?

· Reducing paperwork

· Ensuring the integrity of data

April 2002

A drop in the ocean

Water: an odourless, tasteless, transparent liquid that is colourless in small amounts; the most abundant liquid on the planet covering 70 per cent of the Earth's surface; essential for life; consumption rising; recycling essential. Lora Lee Brown, marketing manager of Water Dynamics

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Building industry backs sustainable development

The Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) takes a leading role in reviewing the building and civil engineering industry's responsibilities in developing sustainable construction and promoting initiatives and solutions. Christopher Harris, Head of the Environment

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A sustainable solution

When people talk about energy reduction and management through waste minimisation techniques, the governing factors relative to the success, or otherwise, of a project of this nature is the ability of the company, or more specifically the local management, to sustain the efforts on a long-t

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· Breaking new ground

· The sweet smell of succes

· What's in a name?

· Recycled materials get the green light

· Exploding a time bomb

· Heavyweight recycling plant goes on show at Site Clearance Zone

· Information, information, information

April 1999

Messing about on the river

As the song goes there's nothing quite like Œmessing about on the river'. according to statistics our waterways, rivers and reservoirs are providing some great leisure opportunities. WWT reports on some of the initiatives which are now taking place around the country.

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. . . that damned elusive coliform

Yorkshire Water Services, in common with other water companies, have been attempting to minimise the incidence of low level coliforms in distribution systems ­ with mixed success writes JG O'Neill public health scientist and J Banks process engineer at Yorkshire Water Services.

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Integrating approach to maintaining quality

Bob Borrill, water supply process manager at West Midlands Region of Severn Trent Water, explains how the collection and interpretation of data, often provided by computer control systems, is vital in the drive to improve the standard of service provided to its customers.

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· Water resources and the April deadline

· Plumbosolvency ­ control and minimisationArticle Title

· SABINA puts waste minimisation to work on corporate sustainability

· Treating seasonal algal blooms

· Setting the standards in drainage

· Pipes bursting with success

April 1994