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Take a trip into the past and see what feature articles were in published in May 2004, 2003, 2000, 1995

May 2004

CIWM looks over the horizon at Torbay

The CIWM once again stages what is billed as " the largest international wastes management conference and exhibition" at Paignton in Torbay, Devon, UK, from 15-17 June, 2004.

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Brussels’ sewers are finally computerised

The city of Brussels’ sewage system has ancient beginnings, but it has taken a modern computerised control system to resolve its flooding problems.

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Comply with me

Compliance with the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control regime needn't be as painful as you think. Peter McCrum finds out how to avoid the pitfalls

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· Air Emission monitoring in the UK

· Measurement & monitoring implications of the Water Framework Directive

· Multi-site monitoring for Corporation of London

· Hot rock

· WEEE won't wait

· Europe forges major agreement on Kyoto related Directive

· Measurement & monitoring implications of the Water Framework Directive

May 2003

The business of waste management

Robert Oakley of waste specialist OSS Group, looks at the benefits available to manufacturers of turning to specialist waste companies to help solve their waste disposal and minimisation issues.

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To sleep at night

EBM talks to 1E's Phil Wilcock about the company's power management tool for PCs

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Training goes nationwide

Environmental management expert, Global Resource Management (GRM) has teamed up with the European Union's Social Fund department to launch a new nationwide scheme worth almost £1M, which will provide environmental management training and support to the UK's manufacturing and engineering industries.

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· Update on WEEE

· The business of waste management

· Location, location, location

· Challenges and opportunities

· Sympathetic design

· Connection key to overall plan

· Monitoring energy use – and improving environmental performance

May 2000

Software designed to monitor irrigation pumps

Flowtronex has developed a remote monitoring package for the small pumping stations used to irrigate farms and golf courses. Significant savings can be achieved once the operators have full confidence in the software.

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Reducing COD levels for seafish processing

Cutting its wastewater treatment bill is a must for the seafish processing industry. Seafish Technology's R Watson looks at some ways to make savings.

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One for the buoys...

The ability to measure directly at any point throughout the treatment system offers a significant advantage for the process operator.

Measurement of nutrients within wastewater is becoming increasingly important, both for end-of-pipe monitoring of discharges and for process control. Jim Pickering, Envitech, examines a new concept in accurate and reliable in situ, online ammonia and nitrate measurement for effluent applicati

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· New approaches to suspended solids removal

· The rain on planes

· Improved air quality figures for UK back call for concerted European action

· LCA supports integrated approach to solid waste management systems

· Reliance on instrumentation can only increase

· Chip measurement system for spot measurements

· Purpose-designed compactor sets new pattern in landfill compaction

May 1995