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May 2004

Challenging odour regulations

Phil Longhurst looks at the difficulties of controlling odours in wastewater treatment

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Technically speaking

Black and Veatch's Frank Rogalla compares anaerobic pre-treatment with solids digestion

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Measurement & monitoring implications of the Water Framework Directive

By Michael Scott, Secretary & Director SWIG
A SWIG Workshop in London this February concluded that the Water Framework Directive will have a big impact on the water industry and its suppliers but that there is a great deal of work to be done before we can deal with the monitoring and me

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· Global giant Geesink Norba unveils new RCV

· Local conditions save on primary energy

· Combined solution reduces particulate emissions

· Ensuring the right information

· Sustainable production

· Brussels’ sewers are finally computerised

· Tackling waste at sauce

May 2003

Making allowances for energy

David Harris of ACS Group Services discusses the recent government sponsored Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme, whereby tax breaks are given for those companies investing in energy efficient refrigeration products.

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Environmental performance - Managing to measure?

Thousands of UK companies are still failing to get to grips with minimising waste and improving process efficiency, according to an Envirowise report. For companies of all sizes, measuring and monitoring performance plays a fundamental role in the design and manufacture of a product. For efficien

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No surprises

EBM looks at the environmental aspects of this year's Budget, and finds a lack of imagination or concrete action

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· Training goes nationwide

· Oscar performance for ODW

· Nutrient Control In Waste Water Facilities

· Operating the right frequency

· A greener world

· Actions speak louder than words

· Challenges and opportunities

May 2000

The rain on planes

Major airport developments create large expanses of impermeable surfaces where, generally, natural catchments previously existed. Consequently, run-off increases both in quantity and in rate. David Hayward and Richard Barnard, directors of process and environmental management consultants Ashact Lt

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Chip measurement system for spot measurements

The new CMS from Draeger provides an immediate, true digital readout without the need for further evaluation.

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LCA supports integrated approach to solid waste management systems

Solid waste management needs to be environmentally effective to reduce overall environmental burdens and economically affordable for all sectors of the community served. Integrated Waste Management (IWM) takes an overall approach to this, involves the use of a range of different treatment options an

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· Software designed to monitor irrigation pumps

· New approaches to suspended solids removal

· SHE in the field

· Improved air quality figures for UK back call for concerted European action

· Reducing COD levels for seafish processing

· Magnesium hydroxide used to aid digestion

· New flow monitoring system for Dublin's sewers

May 1995