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Take a trip into the past and see what articles were in published in May 2004, 2003, 2000, 1995

May 2004

By Dave Curtis, Source Testing Association
The Source Testing Association, established in 1995, has been committed to improving quality, health & safety and providing a technical base for its members.
Centralised sludge treatment in Madrid will employ two sludge-drying plants fuelled 100% by co-generation exhaust gas flow to meet European Union regulations.
IETG's associate director for water technology, Jim Grandison, discusses the Water Framework Directive and the impact it will have on how manufacturers in the UK operate
» An interpretation of the legal obligations of the Water Framework Directive with respect to monitoring
» Brussels’ sewers are finally computerised
» Essential disposal solutions
» Limiting liability
» Off-the-peg AQ website for local authorities
» The old ways can still be the best
» 'Plug & Play' for mercury-free pulsed UV

May 2003

Dr Tom Arnot of Bath University looks at the current situation regarding industrial effluent, likely changes to existing legislation and the implications to developing future technology
John Reeds explains DEFRA's policy of risk-based regulation for local pollution control
Jack Pease explains the changing nature of UK and European noise policy
» Minimum duties on energy agreed
» Location, location, location
» A cautionary tale of hazardous wastes
» Incentives for environmentally friendly products
» Technically speaking
» To sleep at night
» Chemicals

May 2000

Mike Averill, Group Chief Executive of Shanks Group plc, and current Chairman of the Environmental Services Association, expresses forthright views on key issues facing the waste management and environmental services industry, from both a company and industry-wide perspective, in an interview with L
Flowtronex has developed a remote monitoring package for the small pumping stations used to irrigate farms and golf courses. Significant savings can be achieved once the operators have full confidence in the software.
Peter Minting looks at two new filtration methods introduced at the World Filtration Congress by scientists from Germany and Hong Kong.
» Jack Allen group sets the pace with all-round product line up
» Westminster mounts extensive consulations on pioneering Local Air Quality Action Plan
» The rain on planes
» Chip measurement system for spot measurements
» New flow monitoring system for Dublin's sewers
» Reliance on instrumentation can only increase
» SHE in the field

May 1995