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Take a trip into the past and see what feature articles were in published in May 2005, 2004, 2001, 1996

May 2005

Londoners leave huge footprints

London's Ecological Footprint is more than twice the size of Great Britain, which is a huge drain on the environment. Daniel Silverstone, Chief Executive of London Remade explains how if everyone lived as Londoners do, it would require three planet earths to support them.

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Better treatment for St Petersburg - at last!

Two decades after construction first began on the St Petersburg South West Wastewater Treatment Plant, consulting engineers, Black & Veatch, have successfully mobilized the long-overdue design-build contract in under two years. Mike Walsh chief engineer at Black & Veatch reports on the most importan

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Edie environmental legislation summary (May 2005)

In this month's Semple Fraser round-up of new policies and recent changes to legislation that will impact the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally: POPs, EU membership, greenhouse gas emissions trading, clean neighbourhoods, hazardous waste regulations, and much more.

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· PPC permit application: R (on the application of Edwards) v Environment Agency and others

· Air Pollution: Case C-171/04 Commission v Netherlands

· Analysing water use in the paper industry

· EURATOM: Case C-61/03 Commission v United Kingdom

· Thirst quenching

· The Traffic Management Act - Can Water Companies and Customers Afford It?

· Earth set to bite back

May 2004

Off-the-peg AQ website for local authorities

Enviro Technology Services plc has introduced a new website package that will enable local authorities to meet the increasing general public interest in air quality simply and economically.

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No time to waste

Martin Brocklehurst, head of waste strategy at the Environment Agency warns of changing regulations in the hazardous waste field

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Global giant Geesink Norba unveils new RCV

CIWM Torbay exhibitor Geesink Norba lays claim to produce the widest range of RCVs for the UK and European markets. At this year's event the UK arm of the global group, based in Llantrisant, is launching the new Geesink RCV which is designed to offer customers modern styling with improved operationa

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· Europe forges major agreement on Kyoto related Directive

· 'Plug & Play' for mercury-free pulsed UV

· Technology aids LAs in meeting Government targets

· One year on

· Comply with me

· Air Emission monitoring in the UK

· UK Emissions Trading Scheme wins NAC accolade

May 2001

Portable open path ambient air quality monitor developed with Agency co-operation

Siemens Environmental Systems has developed its Falcon portable multi-component open path ambient air quality monitoring instrument in co-operation with the Environment Agency

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Doncaster monitors pollution data on particulates at two quarry sites

Particulate monitors combine infra-red light based, real-time monitoring and gravimetric sampling under Doncaster MBCÕs pollution data monitoring programme at two quarries ten miles apart on the outskirts of the town

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Raising cash and getting the price right

As concerns about global water supplies continue to grow, Tom Pankrantz, Corporate Projects Dirctor of Vivendi Water Systems/USFilter, outlines commercial stratagies for larger desalination and water reuse projects.

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· Air quality monitoring stations designed yo operate in extreme weather conditions

· Foot & mouth debacle proves need for independent regulators

· Networking helps cut losses

· WWT on the impact of the proposed single Scottish water authority: Size is important for Scots

· New remedy for radioactive wastewater

· Ongoing crisis as demand outstrips supply

· Water, water, everywhere...

May 1996