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May 2006

Changes from within

As well as significant internal changes, Scottish Water is having to take account of a new abstraction charging regime and the creation of a new customer-representation body

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Non-contacting transducers

Siemens' latest range of Ultrasonic Transducers for level measurement is delivering accurate and reliable measurement to the water industry.

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Isle of Wight set to benefit from gasification project

Gasification technology may be retrofitted to a waste treatment plant in the Isle of Wight to help divert domestic waste from landfill

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· Meeting the shortfall

· Turning down the heat

· Building a green Games

· The great leap forward

· Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (May 06)

· In defence of our agency

· Station controller for hazardous waste

May 2005

Position is the key to effective gas detection

Dr Wolfgang Jessel, of Draeger Safety UK Ltd, in this review of factors affecting the installation of a monitoring system, says that position is everything when designing a gas detection system.

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Waste laws non-compliance: Case C-494/01 Commission v Ireland

Judgement was given in the above case on 26 April 2005. The case concerned alleged instances of non-compliance with the EU waste laws following twelve complaints received by the Commission against Ireland.

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Edie environmental case law update (May 2005)

In this month's Semple Fraser and Edie News update of legal cases to impact the environmental industry sector in the UK, Europe and Internationally: UK nuclear case dismissed, Netherlands fails Wild Birds Directive, Greece fails to protect groundwater, Italy breaches waste rules, and Ireland receive

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· Better treatment for St Petersburg - at last!

· The green vote

· Waste or resale?

· Preventing odour nuisance

· Groundwater pollution: Case C-163/03 Commission v Greece

· Wild Birds Directive: Case C-441/03 Commission v The Netherlands

· Seeking a cure for poor relining work

May 2002

Fighting leprosy with light from the skies

In Indonesia, solar powered pumps are providing drinking water and contributing to a public hygiene programme

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Conditional acceptance for re-use in USA

WEDECO AG reports that its US subsidiary - Wedeco-Ideal Horizons Inc, of Vermont - is the first UV company to have received a 'conditional acceptance' in the US for its TAK55 UV disinfection system for for wastewater re-use.

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Airport run-off feeding bacteria for WWT

ITT Flygt has supplied a range of pumps for an innovative wastewater treatment plant on the outskirts of Oslo

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· Getting the best out of poor resources

· Australia gets the Hanovia treatment

· A taxing subject

· Reducing effluent discharge

· There is plenty in the pipe

· Desalination wins over imports

· Nothing soft about the new PAWS

May 1997