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May 2006

Clean energy for monitoring vehicle

Antares' electrical engineering expertise has been called upon by Signal Ambitech, the Oxfordshire-based specialist in air quality monitoring, to help create a power system for a landfill air quality monitoring vehicle.

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Making wind work

The soon-to-be-built World Trade Centre in Bahrain will showcase the first large-scale integration of wind turbines in a building. John Haven describes the design evolution.

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FLOCCULATION IS the main mechanism in removing turbidity from water. The floc growth is affected by several factors but is largely dependent on intermolecular chemical forces and the physical action induced by agitation.

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· Incineration rules explained

· London Borough in court over lack of EIA

· Glaswegian innovation

· UK in the clear over scrapyard impact assessments

· Torbay prepares to ring in the changes

· Portugal puts motorway through bird sanctuary - ECJ unhappy

· Natural Attenuation: an efficient strategy for the remediation of contaminated groundwater.

May 2005

MCERTS accreditation plays key role in AQM

As legislation and regulation take an increasingly important part in combating air pollution, particulary through IPPC and linked systems of control, the role of MCERTS accreditation in Air Quality Management (AQM) has been enhanced. But just how does MCERTS work? Key issues, including the responsib

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Risk Based Analysis Changes Laboratories' Role in Contaminated Land Assessment, by Helen Stevens of IMS.

With the recent shift in emphasis from testing geared to specific lists to a more varied, risk based approach, access to analytical techniques which can provide a comprehensive picture of a site's contamination is now more important than ever.

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Dutch lead Europe in lab automation

Sample barcodes on incoming bottles are read by an array of readers at the reception buffer.

The Netherlands' largest water supply company, Vitens, has just opened a new water analysis laboratory at purpose-built premises in Leeuwarden. Natasha Wiseman reports on an Anglo-Dutch partnership project that has created Europe's most highly automated water laboratory.

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· Electrical culture

· Earth set to bite back

· Edie environmental case law update (May 2005)

· Commerical waste charges: R (on the application of Western Riverside Waste Authority) v Wandsworth BC

· Groundwater pollution: Case C-163/03 Commission v Greece

· Analysing water use in the paper industry

· UV solution for giardiasis outbreak in Norway

May 2002

Nothing soft about the new PAWS

PAWS is a software package for the hydraulic analysis and design of pressure pipe systems that incorporate ABS pumps. It is operated through a system which enables the user to draw on the computer screen a graphical representation of the pump/pipe system under consideration. Alternati

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Australia gets the Hanovia treatment

The town of Busselton draws its water from deep aquifers which have high micobiological integrity, but to meet new legislation needed to find the optimum method of disinfection. Rockwater Pty Ltd contributes this case study.

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Spreading the word

REEF members benefit from a range of services designed to help reduce their environmental impact and increase their profits

Set up initially for local companies in Renfrewshire, the Renfrewshire Economic Environmental Forum (REEF) is a virtual environmental club which now attracts members from Glasgow, other areas of Scotland, and as far away as Liverpool.

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· Fighting leprosy with light from the skies

· Taking the strain out of waste

· Conditional acceptance for re-use in USA

· There is plenty in the pipe

· Optimism over SW challenge

· A taxing subject

· Sharpening up the skills sector

May 1997