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June 2006

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. Amongst the updates on offer in this month's roundup a gas company is forced to clean-up land contaminated years before the firm was formed, Italy
A local authority, a scrap metal merchant, and a prison have united to form a recycling partnership with real community spirit
As the construction of sustainable homes tops the industry' s agenda, could steel frame building provide a green alternative? Graham Raven certainly thinks so
» EC outfoxed as Spanish snare claim ruled otter nonsense
» British courts test successor-of-polluter pays principle
» Steel shows its strength
» EIC: We must make economy more efficient
» More plants needed to keep compost from landfill
» Partners in grime: waste scheme set for rapid results
» Climate and water shortages top concerns

June 2005

Dr James Barnard has had a significant influence on the development of wastewater treatment systems. His scientific breakthrough, the Bardenpho process, laid the foundation for all ensuing BNR systems. Frank Rogalla assesses Dr Barnard's considerable legacy
Weighman Xtra, the latest software innovation from Avery Weigh-Tronix, is designed to increase revenue, lower costs and improve efficiency for any vehicle weighing application.
Twelve months ago, ERM's Alistair Fulton wrote for Environment Business on the environmental challenges facing the new EU Members States. This month we asked him how things have progressed
» The role of Energy from Waste within integrated waste management
» Circular Facilities (London) Ltd v Sevenoaks District Council
» Lighting the way
» R (on the application of Thames Water Utilities Ltd) v Bromley Magistrates Court
» Framework fatigue
» Edie environmental legislation summary (June 2005)
» The cost of living

June 2002

Strikers bound for goal are the only predators usually on display at Villa Park but a recent demonstration of bird control saw hawks, falcons and eagles swooping over this famous football venue to show how bird flocks can be deterred from roosting and infesting at a variety of sites.
Landfill site operators face heavy responsibilities under site licensing legislation to ensure the proper aftercare of sites in the long-term future, generating a growing need for specialist management of areas such as risk, cost and resources. LAWE reports on the service offered by a leadi
Birds Eye Walls now uses Liquid Lime in place of caustic sodaSince its introduction by Buxton Lime Industries over two years ago, Kalic Liquid Lime has proved to be an economic and safer alternative to caustic soda for drinking water and acidic effluent waste processing.
» Noise mapping points the route to an ambient noise strategy
» Integrated management: the art of doing two things at once
» Study draws to a conclusion
» Membrane bioreactors clean up landfill leachate
» A break from the old regime
» Floating aerators cut ammonia levels
» Ways to get ahead in business

June 1997

Against the background of the impact of the Landfill Tax and the growing scarcity of of traditional cover
Environmental data, and the management thereof, is now vital to the work of industry, scientists and others. The RSPB, formed in 1889 by a group of people who wanted to ban the practice of using Grebe feathers in ladies' hats, today employs 'Adaptive Server Enterprise' and 'Spatial Query Server' sol
With the election over, the hiatus in the government’s publishing machine came to an abrupt end last month with a flood of good practice guides, benchmarking reports and case studies from the Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme (ETBPP).