edie feature articles on this day... for June 2006, 2005, 2002, 1997

Take a trip into the past and see what feature articles were in published in June 2006, 2005, 2002, 1997

June 2006

Bioaerosol Monitoring and Dispersion from Composting Sites

Environmental consultancy ADAS outlines its research into tackling the dispersal of gases from composting sites without causing a stink.

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Steel is in the frame

As the construction of sustainable homes tops the industry' s agenda, could steel frame building provide a green alternative? Graham Raven certainly thinks so

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West London's in-vessel winner

Securing long-term contracts with local authorities has been instrumental in the fast-growing success of West London Composting. Maxine Perella reports

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· Standards in odorant emissions analysis

· Luxembourg lax on legislation for water

· Johnston sweeps in with truck-mounted model

· A new era for wastes management

· EIC: We must make economy more efficient

· Treasure Island: Forging closer ties in Sheppey

· Its just a phase

June 2005

Onboard weighing combats fraud and boosts efficiency

PM Onboard has been flying the flag to promote how onboard weighing equipment is re-defining the waste management sector of events around the country. Most notable was the one-day roadshow the company ran at Kempton Park Racecourse earlier in the year where demonstrations, presentations and trainin

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London Waste opts for in-vessel composting

Alexander Maddan, Managing Director of Agrivert Limited, describes the 30,000 tonnes per year in-vessel composting (IVC) plant that his company is currently in the process of constructing for LondonWaste Limited and which will be commissioned in July 2005.

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Alford v Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Judgement was given in the case of Alford v Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on 5 May 2005.

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· Edie environmental legislation summary (June 2005)

· Leachate pumping control system uses radio links

· The role of Energy from Waste within integrated waste management

· Under pressure

· NSCA sounds the alarm over Noise Directive

· Research and discovery

· Composting industry forges ahead with new COP

June 2002

Noise mapping points the route to an ambient noise strategy

Noise mapping is a major tool in the Government's development of a strategy to tackle ambient noise. Philip Evans, Operations Director and John Rowland, Acoustic Consultant, of RPS Planning, Transport & Environment at Tonbridge, give an overview of this technique and outline what's in s

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Sewage sludge in the dock

Tackling the loading and unloading of Northumbrian's sludge tankers

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Liquid lime alleys caustic concerns

Birds Eye Walls now uses Liquid Lime in place of caustic soda

Since its introduction by Buxton Lime Industries over two years ago, Kalic Liquid Lime has proved to be an economic and safer alternative to caustic soda for drinking water and acidic effluent waste processing.

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· Study draws to a conclusion

· deep sidewall saves on space

· The economics of treatment versus discharge

· Techically speaking

· Landfill site licensing fuels demand for specialist aftercare management

· Control the cost of pumping

· IT changes working practice

June 1997

How geosynthetic clay liners can put the cap on landfills

Against the background of the impact of the Landfill Tax and the growing scarcity of of traditional cover

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Data management: a bird's eye view

Environmental data, and the management thereof, is now vital to the work of industry, scientists and others. The RSPB, formed in 1889 by a group of people who wanted to ban the practice of using Grebe feathers in ladies' hats, today employs 'Adaptive Server Enterprise' and 'Spatial Query Server' sol

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Guidance galore from the government’s ‘best practice’ scheme

With the election over, the hiatus in the government’s publishing machine came to an abrupt end last month with a flood of good practice guides, benchmarking reports and case studies from the Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme (ETBPP).

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