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June 2017

Driving change: How can businesses increase efficiency for a greener fleet?

Many businesses already utilising fleet management and telematics technology have reported fuel savings of as much as two gallons per vehicle per day

Whether it's the rollout of electric vehicles (EVs), the use of telematics, or the strategic positioning of distribution centres, there is now a multitude of options available to businesses looking to reduce fleet emissions. But which is the best route to take? edie's George Ogleby investigates.

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We Are the Oceans: a new way to educate consumers on plastic waste

Players of The Big Catch game are asked educational questions, teaching them key facts about our oceans and plastic pollution

As sustainability practitioners search for new ways to drive consumer engagement, edie's Matt Mace hears from the 23-year-old founder of a new campaign group which is utilising music, video games and social media campaigns to capture the hearts and minds of millennials in tackling the issue of ocean

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In practice: Canary Wharf Group's closed-loop Clean Coffee Zone

Coffee cups, lids and coffee grounds generated by over 300 shops, bars and restaurants across the 12-acre Canary Wharf Estate are now recycled through the use of designated bins

With the Canary Wharf Estate welcoming almost a million visitors every week, site owner Canary Wharf Group has seized upon an opportunity to ignite a resource revolution. Through the creation of closed-loop 'Clean Coffee Zone', coffee-related waste is now recycled and turned into new resources.

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· Sustainable manufacturing roundtable: Turning challenges into opportunities

· In practice: PwC's new programme to drive responsible technology

· Test bed: Scaling up a world-first recycling solution for MDF

· Bridging the gap: How Capgemini's new CSR head has gained valuable insight into boardroom buy-in

June 2016

Decoupling emissions from economic growth: the Interserve success story

The new Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal has tasked Interserve with constructing a modern and sustainable building in a water-scarce area

With a number of global reports recently highlighting that national carbon reductions are being achieved while economies are growing, one of Britain's biggest construction firms is proving that sustainability and profitability can also go hand-in-hand for businesses.

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Lighting the match: A guide to employee engagement and behaviour change

Trail blazing: A successful behaviour change initiative can be a crucial part of driving sustainability and CSR programmes throughout an organisation

In the second part of edie's 'guide-to' series for sustainability professionals, Matt Mace asks the experts about how to overcome major challenges and seize otherwise unobtainable opportunities that present themselves when igniting behaviour change throughout an organisation.

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The demands of supply: How BT's customer-focused carbon commitments rest in the hands of suppliers

BT is beginning to unleash the willingness of the public to combat climate change through ambitious CSR goals

edie's Matt Mace talks to BT's head of sustainable business policy Gabrielle Giner on how the company's customer-centric carbon reduction commitment is influenced by a flexible and highly innovative supply chain.

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· Climate Take Back: Inside Interface's bold new mission to reverse climate change

· Into the Dragon's Den: A guide to boardroom buy-in on sustainability

· Building Revolutions: Designing a circular economy for the built environment

June 2013

Westminster takes waste solution to the streets

Street units encourage residents to recycle

The central London authority is unique in the challenges it faces managing its waste and recycling. Nick Warburton reports

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Is GRI's sustainability reporting framework G4 too ambitious for business?

The dust is still settling on G4, the GRI's latest update to its sustainability reporting framework that was announced at the GRI Global Conference in Amsterdam last week. But how will this latest version affect business, asks John Hsu.

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In conversation with M&S' Mike Barry and Adam Elman

Marks & Spencer's Mike Barry and Adam Elman reveal why they are looking to internationalise the retailer's Plan A strategy and how the circular economy is set to revolutionise the economy.

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· In conversation with Anglo American's Samantha Hoe-Richardson

· In conversation with AkzoNobel's Chris Cook

· In conversation with Eurostar's Peter Bragg

· Can cradle-to-cradle go global?: Interview with Walter Stahel

· Why BT's Net Good scheme could answer calls to tackle climate change

· In conversation with Legal & General's Debbie Hobbs

· UKIP's Nigel Farage on wind farms, global warming and Charles Darwin

June 2008

Sweeper plant on the road to recovery

A plant that can treat - and reuse - both liquid and solid waste from road sweepings has just opened for business in the northeast. Dean Stiles reports

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How to provide a fuller service

One aspect of the supply chain is often overlooked: providing the client with appropriate training in how to use equipment correctly. But this, says supplier U Mole, is where it excels.

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It's a gas: calibration made easy for landfills

Field calibration of landfill gas analysers must be done correctly to get the most accurate results. Geotechnical Instruments offers a quick guide to this procedure

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· How to pick the right impeller

· Contaminated Land - Scotland

· Marine Pollution

· Drive to cut carbon is opportunity to cut costs

· A whole world of local skills

· Waste wood: branching out into biomass

· High-pressure solution for filter press