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June 2019

Energy management design sprint (Part One): How to unlock innovation in your business

Chris Gaylard of Network Rail presented his team's thinking at the design sprint in Birmingham

In the first of a special two-part feature, edie reveals the results of two full-day workshops which applied principles of 'design thinking' to the role of the energy manager. Here, we summarise our first workshop, which explored how this group can harness energy innovations.

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June 2018

June 2015

Towards earth-smart economics: what's wrong with economics as usual?

In the second of our feature series with Ashridge Business School, faculty members Tim Malnick and Stefan Cousquer explore the ever-changing relationship between sustainability and economics.

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Energy efficient homes: What can the Government do to help?

David Kemp, sustainability manager at Procure Plus, discusses how the newly-formed Government can support housing providers in upgrading the insulation of their solid-wall stock.

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Driving sustainability through collaboration

Dr Martyn Kenny, director of sustainability at Lafarge Tarmac, explains how closer collaboration across the whole construction supply chain has become key to embedding sustainability and driving innovative ways to meet UK infrastructure and carbon reduction targets.

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· 5 ways Tesla is leading the sustainability charge

· edie explains: Levy Control Framework

· How CCE plans to meet its most ambitious sustainability targets yet

· Recycle Week: 8 surprising statistics about waste

· The future of leadership development

· Empowering change: Three steps to improve employee engagement

· Why sustainability is more important than ever

June 2010

A bit of a damp squib?

Rainwater harvesting is a good idea, but potential users need to consider all the implications, says Steve Cupples.

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‘Put theory into practice’

Engineers must learn from the revolutionary engineers of the past and take urgent action if a low carbon society is to be achieved, said Keith Clarke, chief executive of engineering design consultancy at Atkins.

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Call for WICS chairman to step down

Environmental campaigners say the chairman of the Water Industry for Scotland should reconsider his role - after it emerged he is an adviser to a group which denies the effects of climate change.

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· Scotland strengthens pollution prevention laws

· Raising the bar

· Scotland considers annual carbon targets

· London’s desal ready

· Irish to buy Welsh wind-farm

· Nordic Water devises solution for lake clean-up

· Kalic proves a winner