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July 1998

EQUIPed contractor continues to grow

The pumped storage scheme for Colliford Reservoir under construction at the Restormel WTW

Established for over 90 years, MJ Gleeson has undertaken water and wastewater engineering work for over half a century, last year its turnover in the water industry totalled £62 million. To keep up with changes it has adapted its organization and capabilities to stay at the forefront. In addition

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Pressing for consistent environmental liability laws

Environment Commissioner Bjerregaard: facing an uphill task

Despite its long and rocky start, European Environment Commissioner, Ritt Bjerregaard, is committed to introducing a directive on environmental liability which will make the polluter pay for environmental damage. Pamela Castle, head of environmental law at Cameron McKenna, looks at the legal basi

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Green taxes: experts debate the way forward

Michael Meacher, Derek Osborne, Peter Jones, Tim Benne and Jonathan Porritt 'talk back' on green taxes at ET'98

Just prior to publication of two major consultation papers on the use of economic instruments, Environment Minister Michael Meacher, environmentalist Jonathan Porritt, economist Tim Denne, European Environment Agency chairman Derek Osborne and waste industry strategist Peter Jones met on the pane

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· Contracting post privatisation

· Need to know basis

· Partnerships: Walking hand in hand saves time and money

July 1997

Practical contaminated land management: methods of remediation

Contributing author

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Innovative design concepts aim to sweep up in pavement sector

The competitive market in the UK for pavement sweepers has seen a new entrant in the form of the Schmidt

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July 1994

July 1989