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July 1998

Construction of a stormwater tank at Rhyl A recent survey suggests that construction companies that do not offer partnering frameworks could lose out on tenders. More than a third of respondents agreed that partnering offers the best solution to ensure that budgets are not exceeded.
Companies in both the clean and dirty water business have to be able to adapt to their ever-changing environment The British water industry is used to changes. But none can have been more traumatic than privatisation. Brian Dumbleton reports on the consequences and talks to some of the companies in the water business.
Environment Commissioner Bjerregaard: facing an uphill task Despite its long and rocky start, European Environment Commissioner, Ritt Bjerregaard, is committed to introducing a directive on environmental liability which will make the polluter pay for environmental damage. Pamela Castle, head of environmental law at Cameron McKenna, looks at the legal basi
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» EQUIPed contractor continues to grow
» Green taxes: experts debate the way forward

July 1997

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The competitive market in the UK for pavement sweepers has seen a new entrant in the form of the Schmidt

July 1994

July 1989