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July 2011

The victory of the Scottish National Party in the May elections has deep implications for water north of the border, as Claire Smith discovered when she met policy adviser Alex Bell
With massive challenges ahead for the UK water industry, the need for innovation has come into focus. Dean Stiles reports.
A bladder surge vessel to prevent pipe and pump damage has been installed at a new water treatment plant. Heather Freeman of distributor Olaer Fawcett Christie explains
» Bristol pumps it up
» Driving down energy costs
» Speedy's sustainability strategy urges suppliers to get onside
» Agbar 'advised' over Bristol Water sale
» Firms guilty over Legionella in water cooling system
» Replacing soda with lime
» Martin Charter

July 2010

Future investment in flood defences will require greater contributions from communities and businesses, according to the chief executive of the Environment Agency (EA).
IntroWater companies could soon be hit with daily charges for digging up roads - and hefty fines for late completion of roadworks. Dean Stiles reports.
A small wastewater treatment plant in mountainous Switzerland working on a tight budget is benefiting from Tsurumi's economical FHP decanting pumps.
» A bumpy ride ahead
» Why the Coalition offers hope on key solutions
» Plymouth swingos into action
» Steering sweepers through time
» 'We want to go bigger and faster - it's never enough'
» The low-maintenance and accurate sonde of the future
» Steel giant keen to push the boundaries

July 2007

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. Among the cases this month the House of Lords rules on a prickly 'polluter pays' case, the British courts consider definitions of waste and Italy f
Hot tapping and line stopping can be used to undertake repairs and modifications online, with no disruption to flow or service. Mike Tucker, head of sales at Furmanite International, reviews the technology
The latest in a growing number of cases seeking to firm up the definition of waste in the UK has come to a decision on recycled oil.
» Kitchen waste option for Dennis Eagle Duo
» How to get the most from waste-to-energy
» How to make a lean, green logistics machine
» Lords look at prickly polluter pays case
» Austria told to be more open with information
» Is competition healthy?
» Hose pumps boost performance

July 2002

Changing UK contaminated land policy, dwindling landfill capacity and new EU legislation on landfill will have a major impact on the way contaminated land is remediated. Castle Cement claims to have an answer in the form of its stabilisation solidification technology, which after some
Composting, which is a key link within the Waste Strategy in the drive to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill in the UK, should be given a boost by initiatives and policy decisions announced this year, including a national Composting Awareness event and a risk assessment by DEFRA o
The current ECA Scheme excludes many technologies for the control of air pollution from industryThe Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme provides a tax incentive for the general business sector to engage in good environmental practice, but does it address the wider issues of environmental impact which affect companies large and small? Jason Rayfield spoke to managing director of Ha
» Sweeper design drives to meet rising standards
» Revolution in treating contaminated mines
» The A-Z of environmental legislation
» Making a critical assessment
» 'Best Value' partnership map out the road ahead
» Sensitive sewer restoration work in Berlin
» Competitive market shapes vehicle development