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July 2012

Waste management can be transformative for businesses if dealt with in an intelligent wayToo often businesses treat their waste management contract as a routine purchase instead of the driver for change that it can be, argues Kate Cawley
Collaboration and communication are as important as technology in driving innovation says Dr ColbyEncouraging home-grown innovation is crucial if the UK is to lead the smart grid pack says Sentec CTO Dr Edward Colby
Waste producers must become more responsible for greener design strategiesAs we look towards the future of the WEEE Directive and the transition to a circular economy Bruno Zago argues the case for individual producer responsibility
» Oxfordshire councils drive to recycling summit
» Contractor case study: Pilot auger boring success
» Who is the Nokia of the waste world?
» Bexley reaps benefits of SME recycling commitment
» WLWA influences consumer behaviour to cut food waste
» Why sharing makes sustainable business sense

July 2011

Mott MacDonald has been selected by SUE Vodokanal St Petersburg as technical advisor for the first Russian public private partnership (PPP) water supply project, known as the Neva water project. The PPP includes the design and construction of a new Northern Water Treatment Plant including reconstruc
A manufacturer of PVC building products has improved filtration of its process water and made significant cost savings. Steve Cupples, managing director of Industrial Purification Systems, explains
Measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from processes in five wastewater treatment plants, by researchers in France, has shown interesting results, says Frank Rogalla of Aqualia
» Replacing soda with lime
» Using pumps as turbines to generate power
» Bladder holds for Scottish Water
» Mandatory GHG Reporting: Why Supply Chain is Key
» Natural selection
» Opinion: David Symons of WSP on flood mitigation policy
» Chip Conley

July 2008

Dr Michael Strahand explains how United Utilities - which looks after the water needs of the North-west - needed the right piece of equipment to ensure that it has peace of mind when it comes to monitoring the use of chlorine in its processes.
The European Courts have upheld a complaint against Ireland from the European Commission over its implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment.
Frank Rogalla, now of Aqualia, used to frequently fly on planes - meaning he really stuck his carbon boot into the planet. But, he pleads, he has done some great sustainability work to make up for it
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, July 2008
» This bin can save lives
» Herbicides - Europe
» The profits of true sustainability
» Seeing a C:LAIRE way to a definition of waste?
» Waste - Europe
» The word on everyone's chips

July 2003

David Hayward, director of process and environmental management consultant Ashact, outlines an effluent treatment plant upgrade at New Taplow Mill.
Synergetic Business Solutions reports on future environmental trends, impacts, legislation and practices for the pulp and paper industry.
Chris French speaks to Landia’s Hugh Vaughan about the crucial role played by chopper pumps in pulp and paper manufacture.
» Sort it out
» Local authorities regain power
» Industry fears over new EU chemicals plans
» Advocating measured change
» Keeping it real
» Making sustainability pay
» Mapping the contaminants