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July 2013

Lessons learnt from the school of Ellen MacArthur

Circular economy student Chidi Ofoegbu recently participated in the first Schmidt-MacArthur summer school and has since returned to South Africa to continue his studies in this field. He talks to Maxine Perella about the experience

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So, what exactly is holding back the circular economy?

It's challenging, it's ambitious - but the appetite is certainly there to make circularity happen within big business. In practice however, an array of stumbling blocks remain as Maxine Perella finds out

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The rising water risk behind mining for metals

Water management is fast emerging as a critical issue within the metals and mining sector, whose high dependence on it is now throwing up a number of operational, financial and reputational challenges. Maxine Perella investigates

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· Does waste need a new language?

· The sustainable systems thinker: Interview with Sally Uren

· The Obama effect: will the UK up its climate game?

· A chance for WRAP to shape its own destiny

· Levelling the playing field

· In conversation with HW Fisher's Jae Mather

· Turning the resource revolution into a reality

July 2012

Who is the Nokia of the waste world?

As brand leaders look to take ownership of their materials, disassembly and reuse could fall to new operations where shredders and magnets will not feature - and the waste industry could be left on the sidelines, warns Phillip Ward

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Bexley reaps benefits of SME recycling commitment

As one of the first councils to sign up to WRAP's business recycling and waste services commitment, Bexley has increased its income. Nick Warburton paid a visit

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WLWA influences consumer behaviour to cut food waste

West London Waste Authority takes a more holistic approach to tackling food waste issues. Nick Warburton reports

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· Is your waste vision a shapeshifter?

· Oxfordshire councils drive to recycling summit

· Innovation and the UK power network

· Why sharing makes sustainable business sense

· Contractor case study: Pilot auger boring success

· Producer responsibility: a new era for eco design

July 2009

EA told to fill 'big gaps' in RBM plans

Water UK has welcomed the draft River Basin Management (RBM) plans to improve rivers, lakes, estuaries and other watercourses but said there are still "big gaps that need to be filled".

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If anyone can, Canon can

Canon has a philosophy of "living and working together for the common good". Tom Idle visited its UK headquarters and discovered that this ideology embraces climate change and the environment to such an extent that even the company's products have sustainability built into them

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Where now for green energy?

Renewable energy production can help cut emissions, while providing jobs and wealth. And yet proposals for the Carbon Reduction Commitment could seriously hinder this valuable industry, writes Jo Butlin.

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· Mapping by Mott MacDonald helps Lincs manage tidal flood risks

· Unique renewable energy source upgrade

· Try a bespoke solution for your engineering problem

· Flow metering now reduces maintenance to a trickle

· Octopus operation proved to cut costs

· Rain - a valuable resource

· City heights: the urban food waste dilemma

July 2004

Johnston 'Beams' in on airport operations

Johnston Sweepers, which bowed out of an appearance at the CIWM Torbay show this year, has big plans for the autumn with the expected introduction of new models as activity continues on a wide front, from a healthy market for the group's specialist big sweeper range, Johnston Beam, to expanding bus

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Sorting out CS2

Richard Thurgood of CEL International and Philip Morgan of ESI describe the investigation and remediation of a carbon disulphide contaminated site

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Seddon Atkinson launches first of new product range

Seddon Atkinson has emerged from last year's restructuring and the move of production from Oldham to Madrid with a planned programme of relaunches and new products and a commitment to maintain the "Big A" brand. Editor Alexander Catto reports.

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· Acting on impacts

· Satellite refuse collector provides compaction

· Stirling opts for rigid kerbside collection vehicle

· Health environments

· Raising a pennant for penstocks

· Focus on nitrification

· Rising sun – focussing on solar thermal energy